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Todd Howard

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I just survived 36 rounds, My hands are sweaty and my heart is racing.

Very very good! I just have a question: Will there ever be a proper Inventory, and a proper free-roam mode?

Perfect, Another soul to harvest!

Its free dead estate.

Its not a bug, Its a feature.

Im going to wipe my eyes out now! 8/10!

I have something to say, Great Clone! It's just that, Well, When you try to move back it isn't as sensitive as when you move forward. I suggest remarking this in the Unity Game Engine or even the Unreal Engine.


Hi, I am a game dev. Thats all you need to know.

Really great random gen system! Great atmosphere as well! Reminds me of the ol days when I got on Minecraft with the fam.

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Nice Mimics of my games.

Actually Really Good, Not joking.

I saw the Slenderman Easter Egg...