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Alternatively you can wait until tomorrow when i wake up and post an update fix.

The choice is yours.

I haven't tested this, but if you want to try this fix you can open up the mod file and replace the section where it says "Spriteset_Map.prototype.disableFogOverlay" from line 28 to line 33 with this:

Spriteset_Map.prototype.disableFogOverlay = function() {

if (this.canDisableFogOverlay()) {

if (this.layerGraphics[1]) {

this.layerGraphics[1].visible = false;


if (this.layerGraphics[2]) {

this.layerGraphics[2].visible = false;




I believe this only happens if you are trying to launch the game via the "Index.html" file.
Please only use "Game.exe" to launch the game!

Thank you!

Nice job on this one

Version 0.3a hype!

Thank you for looking into this and posting a fix for the problem!

After looking at the code i think i messed up some lines of code, specifically:, arguments);  This needs to be this instead ->, ...arguments);, arguments); This needs to be this instead ->, ...arguments);

There's no need to paste the whole original "Game_Map.prototype.update" contents since that's what this line of code is meant to do ", ...arguments);"

The character still having the hexen graphic has been an issue reported for the non-modded game as well.

But does this happen every time you exit the hexen or after you interact with a certain skill?

How fast you exit might affect things? But that's just a guess, 

the issue needs more looking into.

Thanks for the report!

Not sure there's much i can do here honestly since it's a matter of how the game was programmed by orange.Also thanks, glad you enjoyed the mods!

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Very weird, i had other people report the mods not working while everything looking ok.

The only solution i found is giving them my mod files.

Can you contact me on discord?


EDIT: Forgot to mention, but playing with your game decrypted shouldn't matter since that's the way i play my version as well.

If all you've done is slightly changed the dialogue that should also have no effect on the mods.

The mod is now available, for further configurations please check the mod file.

I really like the way the assets look, and for the given price this feel extremely generous.

If there were SV Battlers of characters like the wizard guy shown on the page and generally more characters that could be used as party members(fighter, knight, archer, etc) that would be amazing.

The cherry on top would be character bases for walking characters and SV Battlers, but even predefined characters are fine for now.

Then i wouldn't mind purchasing this, hell, i wouldn't mind paying even more if the above are included.

For now i'll keep an eye on this, since i'm already impressed.

I agree and got no excuse.

Maybe next time i'll actually plan things more thoroughly(if only).

Still, it was a fun experience overall and got a pretty good idea to work with.

I definitely will release a post jam patch after the jam is over.

Thank you for playing game!

Unfortunately the equipments are pretty messed up in terms of who can equip them, since i put them together on the last day and didn't get the chance to check the shop to see if they were working right.

Thanks for reporting this issue!

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Hey! Thank you for your suggestions!

Giving the player some starting equipment choices or making equipment rewards from fights more interesting than just flat stat gains is certainly something i want to play with more when i end up updating the game post jam.

As for the enemies, the ones on the first island should be the easiest, because the fighter or even the shaman should be able to take care of most of the in 1-3 hits per enemy.

But given that newer players may not totally get the game from the start fights could be a bit easier at least early on.

The problem is that i just found out now there's a bug with the fighter, or more specifically his attack buff that makes his attack be 0 somehow.

So you may end up seeing 1 damage from him rather than his usual 4 or higher, making the fights way harder than they should be.

I will have to look into the other characters as well, to see if they suffer from similar issues, javascript is kicking my ass right now..oof.

Of course, nothing i can do about this right now but it's certainly something i want to fix post jam.

Thank you for playing the game!

I'm not sure what you mean by combat being flat? Is there something in particular that felt lacking?

As for which enemies you would be fighting, i did actually include them in the orb interaction is why you can "Inspect" it.

I was planning on including NPC hints and tips regarding enemies as well, but unfortunately didn't have the time.

Dying is part of the game, although poorly explained(aka not at all) and should be used as a way to progress.

Btw, i will try playing your game as well in the following days. Cheers!

Thank you!

You are an angel and my apologies for being so slow.. 

Here is the game:

I was just about to submit the game, but unfortunately i was 1-2 minutes off.

Are late submissions acceptable?

Thank you for the heads up!

Sure, i'll give it a look.

How does Spice Forge usually work? I haven't got the chance to try it out.

Is it only limited to the main character usually? That's what i assumed when i worked on the mod.

It might be different now that multiple characters can have access to it, guess i'll have to look more into this.

It should be possible. I'll look into making a mod for this, thank you for your suggestion.

Just in case, are you only talking about termina?

Thank you for your suggestion, i will have to do some testing to following days, along with your invincibility mod report.

After which everything should be good to go.

Congratulations on releasing the mod!

While the "index.html" is required to mod the game, it shouldn't be used to start up the game.

Instead the game is intended to be launched via the "game.exe" file, file which you can find just outside of the "www" folder.

Thank you.

Are you launching the game via the index.html or the game.exe?

You entered the wrong file names, you added "YEP" on a lot of these mods which should have been the case only for "TY_YEP_ItemCore".

The correct name for a mod is based on their .js file, so if you want to ensure that a mod is gonna work you can just copy-paste the file's name inside the TY_ModLoader file(without the .js at the end of course).

One of the mods has a typo in it, specifically this one:
"TY_YEP_FnHInvInvincible" there's an extra "Inv" in there.

I also don't know which of the F&H games you are trying to play, but keep in mind that some of the mods won't work depending on the F&H game you are trying to play. For example:

- "2 Inventory Columns" | "TY_YEP_ItemCore" only works for F&H 2.

- "Detailed Equipment" | "TY_DetailedEquip" only works for F&H 2.

- "Free Scrolls" | "TY_FnHFreeScrolls" only works for F&H 1.

In order to know if your mod will work with the F&H game you are playing you can also check this itch page as it has all the mods listed with a "mod scope" section which tells you exactly that.

Here's the correct list if playing F&H 1:


Here's the correct list if playing F&H 2:


No need to apologize, glad you got it fixed.
Let me know if you encounter any other issues.

If you've done everything correctly that should've been it, the mods will load automatically as soon as you start the game.

But if you say they aren't working could you show me the following:
- index.html
- TY_ModLoader.js
- The mods folder with the mods you downloaded.

Some tips:
- Make sure you named the mods folder in lowercase (not "Mods", "MODS", etc).
- Make sure you have the correct mod names pasted into the TY_ModLoader.js
- Make sure the mods you are trying to use are compatible with the F&H game you are playing.

Thank you! Hopefully i'll make a better version in the future.

I have tried again today to solve your issue based on what i know so far, but the mods work fine on my end.

What i've done was downloading all the mods you've downloaded on to ensure the same setup and mod versions, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong there
(TIP: Personally i copied the mod filenames from mods folder to ensure that there's no spelling mistakes).

Next was the "Always win coin tosses", no issues here even when i replicated the exact setup mentioned on the page.

The only thing that didn't work for me was having the "Alternate Marcoh Walk". possibly because in my case all my files are decrypted and not encrypted, which prevents me from playing as Marcoh as i get a "Loading" screen on my end that won't go away unless i replace the files with the old files.

There are not many things that i can suggested or ask from you, but let's try and see if we can possibly get somewhere.

1. The "Always Win Coin Tosses" mod has you editing the "plugins.js" and putting the mod in "js/plugins".
There could be something wrong in how you modified the "plugins.js" file or the mod could be missing from "js/plugins"?

2. Regarding the "Alternate Marcoh Walk" i'm assuming none of your files are ".png", at least not in "img/characters", but then again you wouldn't be able to play if encountered this issue.

3. Have you ever used any other mods that had you edit the game, other than the 2 mentioned ones?

4. Have you tried loading the "Always Win Coin Tosses" mod with my mod loader, does it still work(kinda hard to tell since coin flips are random).

5. I personally test my mods on a new save file, not sure why this would be a problem, but you could give it a try...?

6. I could give you my TY_ModLoader and index.html in case that somehow works via discord, add me as tobyyasha

7. Probably the last thing i wanted to suggested, you can try reinstalling the game to ensure a clean setup.
(The choice is yours whether you want to purse this choice or not, make sure to keep a backup of your save files, this includes the config.rpgsave and anything else that's in the "save" folder).

In that case i could help you out a bit.
The plugin you are looking for is YEP_ItemCore.
As for the labeling of items, weapons and armors that's gonna be a bit trickier.
There's 2 ways to go about this:

1. Edit all the items, weapons and armors inside rpg maker with the appropriate menu category in the "note" section in bottom right.
You can see how it's done in termina if you look at the items.

2. Painfully editing the json files from the data folder by hand, this is not recommended since it's pretty messy to work with.

Whichever way you decide to go about this it's a matter of replacing the Items, Weapons and Armors JSON files from the data folder of the game, just make sure to have a copy of the originals left around.

And if you decide to replace the JSON files or write them by hand don't have the project open in rpg maker, otherwise there's a risk of data corruption.

That screenshot was mostly intended to showcase the 99 Enlightenment Books.

Because unfortunately at this point in time it's not easily possible to have the termina inventory layout in F&H 1 since it requires a different way of loading that is not possible via my mod loader currently.

To give a bit more context, it is intended to be loaded as an RPG Maker plugin via the engine, but that goes against the intent of my mod loader.
Hope this was a clear enough explanation and i'll see if i can do anything about it in a future update.


Open TY_FnHMoreCoins.js in notepad and then replace "false" with "true" where it says TY.Mods.GiveInfiniteCoins
It should look like this after: TY.Mods.GiveInfiniteCoins = true;

Sure, but be sure that the mods you'll be loading into F&H 2 are compatible with it, otherwise you'll get an error.
Mod compatibilities with the F&H games are listed on the page as "Mod Scope" under each mod.
Let me know if you encounter any problem!

I'm not sure what's going on, i just did a quick play test with the same mods and everything seemed to work fine with no errors.
I also checked your screenshots for anything common like spelling mistakes or having an uppercase character be lowercase and vice versa, everything looks fine there too.
I kinda hate to have to say this, but could you test the mods one by one to see which one is the culprit?
And just to be sure i didn't miss anything, there was no error on the screen when you say that the mods don't work, correct?
Hopefully we can solve this one way or another!

Sure, could you show me the mod loader file open in notepad, the index.html and the mods folder with the mods you have downloaded?

Good to know you got it working more or less, as for the lucky coins i think mattie has like a cheat menu you could could try?
Seems a bit strange that it doesn't work but alas hopefully you get that covered with mattie's cheat menu.
And you said don't know what the Detailed Equip mod changes? What it does is hide some of the useless stats (Defense, M.Defense) and let's you see the %resistances of a character when you press left / right on the equipment scene.

This could be due to an incompatibility with MattieFM's Mod Manager and/or the Premonition mod.
I have a couple solutions in mind, there's no guarantee they may work but it's best to give them a try.
1. In my mod loader(TY_ModLoader.js) make it so this line:
var TY = {};
Looks like this instead:
var TY = TY || {};
2. The second solution would be to use MattieFM's Mod Manager to load the mod/s.
If neither of those work then we can try identifying the problem, does this error appear only when trying to load TY_DetailedEquip?

As for the second error, i can't tell you for certain but it could be related to the Premonition mod failing to load an image because it is missing or something else happened there.

Let me know if you encounter anything new or need further help, i'll see what i can do.

(1 edit)

This is the first time anyone's mentioned this being an issue, all that the files do is help you modify the game so that you can play it different than intended and/or include QoL changes.
Whether or not you decide to download the mods it is up to you.

I'm assuming you mean in-game, although unfortunately that is not currently possible with the way the modding system i made is set up.
I will look into making this possible later on.

But if you mean how to make the mods function just follow the instruction from the TY_ModLoader.js
Let me know if you need any help regarding that!