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thanks <3

i am honest i would loved to have a little bit more time to make the game play better. But after using 2 whole days on the Leaderboard my time... was getting low.

Thanks again for the realy nice comment

first of all, Thanks

about the slow turning i think i can agree with you that is to slow... maby the "feature" that when you shoot you turn slower was a little bit confusion.

but like i said thanks for the nice review <

Thanks  <3

i have to say the muni thing was a little bit a last minute adding couse i felt something would missing..

but big Thanks for the realy good /  helpful "review"! 

very nice game enjoyed it realy or atleased the 1. level
after that my typing speed was... missing....

the only 2 things i missed for me

1.  soundDesign but i understand if you didnt find the Time 7 days isnt that much time :(

2. maby a better clue for what power up you will get besides the text

but like i said nice game :)

nice Game i think....

to behonest i didnt finieshed it couse i found the puzzels very interrest but to hard
maby this is couse i am not a nativ englisch guy or maby i am just not smart enough :)

First of all, thanks for the very usefull comment/ review

if i am honest i had the problem that for me the keys were clear but after you said it and after some thinking i realy understand your point.
so thanks again

very very nice!

first of all: very sad that that game didnt get to much attention or atlesst it fells so

to the Game:

great makes fun and I would realy appreciate a full version of the game (or some more Levels). I think you know sound would make the game even 100 times better but i understand i by my self didn`t make sound in the first version of my game.

But like i said very nice game pleasy make more games the game is very nice

thaaaaanks :)
first: thanks for the very kind compliments

if i am honest you sadly played the game 4 hourse to early. Now released the "Sound update" that manly buts sound in the game 
sry ;)

but like i said thanks for the extremly kind command

Thank you!

And i hope the sound/ music can give this last satisfaction point.

so thanks  again <3

very nice Game made extrem fun to Play.

I only have two smal points but these are more my opinion
1: maby make the gravity for the player a litlle bit bigger couse sometimes it fells like you were on the moon or maby thats the felling you wantet to go 

2. I think s small tutorial like you made for the red bird(my favorite it makes nice sounds :) ) so you know what or better said that there are doing something

But very very nice Game 

Thanks for your nice and very good command / review

If I am honest the bug you found isn't something new for me but i sadly don't know how to fix it clean i made it a lillte bit better mut Unity....

and Thanks for the recommendations I think I will add both more or less in a  small futher update(Sound update)

But once again Thanks <3

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i am pleased that you like the shop-System
and thanks for the kind command


I don't know how much this Video Helps you. I can only say for me it Help <3

First of all: Thanks for the realy good review

When ever I will make my next GameJam game I will probably came back to you.

So big thanks for the offerd Help <3

Nice to hear that the Variants was big enough. If I am honest i had fear that wouldn't be the case.

Thanks again for the realy nice Commend.

Thanks for the realy kind Comment <3
And i only can only agree with you when you say it is Fun to kill the boys with there own traps

Where is James? 

Is a smal and Short top-down Shooter game, where your goal is it so save your brother(James)

big Thanks for the realy kind commend/ review.
For the sound i cant say something other than: "Your are 100% corecct" and thx for pointing out JSFXR. I forgat that program again..


funny Game makes fun :)

realy realy creativ and fun Game. I thought and thought about something you could do better but... nope the game is more or less perfect. Like it the only thing: pleasy make a proper itch page pleas but the game perfect 


Game Title/URL: Where is James?

Info: it is a small and relativ short top-Down shooter where your goal is to save/ rescue your Brother(James). To fit there is a Shop were everything is for FREE. I know the sound effect are missing but if I am honest i forgot them a little bit. my foult :(

I'd like feedback on: more or less ANYTHING but gamefell and how logical everything is or how I could make it simpler to Understand

thanks <3

(1 edit)

thanks for your review:

i'm pleased that you like my art still, and if i am honest i forget the sound design a little bit and at the end i didnt have enought time but anyways

(Game was made for a gameJam)
thanks for the comment appreciated

very nice game fells good to see a very old and clasic game reworkd in such a way.
made fun to play.

The only thing: i don't know if this would make other problems but i think it would be cool if the controls from a,d changes when you upside down couse so it is very confusion.
But maby exectly this is the point of the game.

like i said nice game.

nice game made fun :)

I think this is the perfect exempel for a simple concept that has so many cool and interresting effect that you just cant stop to play.

so over all a very nice game the only thing is: i don't know if this is only a problem for me but i had to download the game couse the only version... lags a little bit for me

but nice game. Like it 

big Thanks for the realy nice Review, i think i will have the realy good video you send in the back of my head for my next game
so thanks again <3

Thanks <3

First off all Thanks for the nice review.
I have to say only after i read you review the things with the rock cam into my view and know it's triggering me too.
The Difficulti is if i am honest realy a little easy. but i had fear that i make it to hard.

But Like i said thanks for the nice Review :

nice Game made fun to Play!

like you said big shout out to your roomate the art is realy nice.
But also shout out to you. nice Game, maby a small ingame Totorial would helpfull couse i felt a lilte lost till i understood that you have to press Enter at the Demons drawing on the ground (don't know how there are named

is a small and short Top-Down shooter, your goal is to save your brother. 


Thanks for the very nice review. I just have to start thinking about the sound Design and give it a place in my time management.

But once more thx for the reviw :)

for your first 3d Game pretty nice or not only for the your first over all pretty nice Game i only have 3 things that are triggering me a little bit:

Warning 1:

sry for my bad Englisch :) 

non Game: 

1: in the settings for the only version PLEAS make that fullscreen-button disable Unity has it own version of it and it works a little bit bitter i think.


Warning (2) my Opnien these are just Game feling stuff

1: dont set velocity, add velocity, i think it would fell better. If when you let out from the W key you dont just stop mid air, rather fly furter :) 

2: thats hard and if you dont know very much about uniry coding (Corotines and so) maby a lilte hard but maby you could make that the jump is 0.1 second after you left the ground still available. Couse maby i am only to dum but i am often just running down couse i press it to late.

nice game, but i found a small bug: if you die with the nice Jump power up it won't respawn 

But otherwise a realy nice Game

and sry for my englisch