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If I'm the only one that complains about it it's probably a me problem but a thing to keep in mind if more people point it out.

I didn't know what to expect. I did not expect this. This was an experience and I don't know if I treasure it or need to exorcise it. Help.

I am forced to be OK with this. No other option was granted.

This explains so much about the deep lore in breaking bad. 5/5

I've been there man.

I have never been there but I assume this is a comprehensive map that will see me right if I ever do visit. Very Neat.

I kind of expected this to turn into more of a horror show at some point and I'm honestly glad it didn't. Very neat.

Very cool UFO's. I feel bad for space hoopty. Please come back.

Best spud puzzle box!

I did not expect to see snake on Decker but here we are. Works surprisingly well!

Yo this is very neat. I crashed my train many times.

Exactly what it says, no false advertising here. 5/5

Short and focused. Exactly what it needed to be, no more no less.

There is a lot here, but I was kind of having troubles trying to hunt for the arrows to go to the next page. Otherwise I liked it.

I have now learned about Fin Fin, I did not know about Fin Fin before.

I did not expect this from a game jam. Thank you.

Neat demo for character sheets in decker, almost makes me wonder if this would work on an e-reader or tablet.

Very neat, very sad song ): Goodbye bim.

Very good kobolds, very neat quick little demo.

Gonna do a probably short stream checking out the other submissions for Decktember game jam

I feel like I should mention as well that despite this game being on my page I was probably the one who contributed the least to the project. Check out the other creators pages as well!

Yes it works now! I tried a few times but couldn't quite manage to get the drone to land but it's a very interesting concept to try to teach automated systems to do their job like this lol.

Nice game, I don't know how far I really got. It ended kind of abruptly.

There's one possible bug though, if your mouse stops working you seemingly can't quit from the escape menu.

My disorganized files really came back to haunt me on this one.

The windows version doesn't seem to work, was it exported correctly? Seems much smaller than the Linux version.

Trying to view the game page asks for a password?

I'm unable to view the game page, did you forget to publish the page?

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the physics needed additional adjustment that we ran out of time and energy for unfortunately.

Thanks for organizing the jam!

If you need more, I made my first submission for octojam this year But it is a bit sparse with only the one level and very basic physics.

Very nice game, honestly kind of amazed at the variety managed in the constraints given the platform.

Hi, what do you mean? The goal is to develop a chip-8 game and submit it.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the game is way too easy right now. My thought was that I would balance it around the fact that you will take damage but I didn't manage to get that far so instead the most usual reason for dying is because you get too tired to press the space bar to shoot :D

Very nice! The power ups and down could have used more colour in my opinion, make them pop and differentiate from each other a bit more.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm contemplating making a better/more polished version once I have more time which will address at least some of these issues.