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Thanks for organizing the jam!

If you need more, I made my first submission for octojam this year But it is a bit sparse with only the one level and very basic physics.

Very nice game, honestly kind of amazed at the variety managed in the constraints given the platform.

Hi, what do you mean? The goal is to develop a chip-8 game and submit it.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the game is way too easy right now. My thought was that I would balance it around the fact that you will take damage but I didn't manage to get that far so instead the most usual reason for dying is because you get too tired to press the space bar to shoot :D

Very nice! The power ups and down could have used more colour in my opinion, make them pop and differentiate from each other a bit more.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm contemplating making a better/more polished version once I have more time which will address at least some of these issues.