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This game is amazing. It really made me feel calm and the visuals are so amazing as well!!

I never wanted to cry more then I do now, thanks I can't sleep again.

I made a comment and played this game a couple months ago. I honestly can't tell you how much I really enjoy this game. I can't wait for future updates as this game looks and feels amazing already! Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more! At this point I'm really thinking of joining the discord.

I really enjoyed this game even though it was short. It made me feel cozy and honestly somewhat nostalgic. If you continue to update this I can't wait to see whats new!

I can't tell you how long I've been with you for your games but I will say you still don't disapoint me I hope you continue to make more ;-;

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If I had to pay for this game I wouldn't mind. This game is so good I can't beleive you decided to make it a free game. I really enjoy the charchters and how you can choose your emotion on some choices. I'm honestly so speechles and I'm glad I didn't doupt this game to the fullest like I do with most other free otome games. I can put this on top for "I'm poor and this is a good otome" list. Thank you and I hope you continue to create such awsome games as this one. I would go on but than I'd probaly repeat myself and make a whole otome game with the amount of text. I wish the developer(s) amazing happeiness :3

I honestly can't wait for the full release like anyone else. It makes me sad how we have to wait but that's just me being a bad person and being imapteint. I'm just so hyped, take your time and do all the amazing magic you are doing now

I honestly love this game so muchh

I love this game so much im wheezing. I really can't wait for a full release, even if I have to pay you can take all my money. I'm in love with the art and story. It's so cute for my loner self. I hope this will be out so next valentines I'm not crying alone. I won't rush the devs. Stuff like this is really hard. LETS WISH THIS GAME BEAUTIFUL WISHES

I've downloaded every single game you've made that are out because wow you are wonderful at making the characters feel lively and making you want to hug them so much.Your wonderful story telling makes it all so much better too, oh and lets not forget that art and music.The art and music really give it a bigger feel and make me more attached to this game then I am with most games.

In all honesty you're so good at what you are doing and I love this so much.

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I don't know why but this game made me feel sad and question my existence but not in a bad way 

but to the point I had to save the game before I felt way to sick from it

it's just when it comes to a sad and depressing atmosphere I never really survive most of the time when playing the game, it's only rare that I do not feel this way.In all honesty this is a good game and it's sad I didn't notice it any sooner.It has an amazing story and the atmosphere, art, music and dialog just make it worth the loss of storage.The fact I'm typing a story says a lot about this game and how much I really like it.

I'd seen the game and thought "I NEED THIS NOW!"