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If I had to pay for this game I wouldn't mind. This game is so good I can't beleive you decided to make it a free game. I really enjoy the charchters and how you can choose your emotion on some choices. I'm honestly so speechles and I'm glad I didn't doupt this game to the fullest like I do with most other free otome games. I can put this on top for "I'm poor and this is a good otome" list. Thank you and I hope you continue to create such awsome games as this one. I would go on but than I'd probaly repeat myself and make a whole otome game with the amount of text. I wish the developer(s) amazing happeiness :3

I'm so, so sorry for the late reply I'm actually kind of sobbing in my kitchen. I am the solo developer though I had some friends and family playtest a bit for me. 

This made my year, you have no idea how much that means to me. It was my pleasure to let it be free! I wanted to have something fun and exciting for otome fans but also not fitting into all of the conventions that even professional games fall into. I'm so, so, SO happy you enjoyed it <3 It means the world to me that it meant something to you. I know I'll keep what you said with me for a long, long time. This means a lot to me-- I'm going to stop before I start rambling too since I have games to write for but thank you for such a sweet comment! I look forward to making  a lot of accessible games like WitS in the future. <3 <3

Have an incredible day, sending you good vibes and happiness as well!