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I can replicate the issue. Thanks, should've caught that, will fix it soonish. Just use the mouse there for now, click on the option you want.

I tried it on my machine just now and it seems to work - can you give me any more details, or try it on a different computer?

Go for it, although you may want to look at :P

Uhhh, more the better really, especially anything that's unusual.

Well shit, that doesn't happen for me. I'll look in the error reporting logs. Can you tell me more details about your system and exact steps to get to the error?

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What's wrong with it? Just tried the game myself, seems to work okay.

Should be dealt with now.

Thanks for the report, I'll look in to it.

No clue. Try running the built Windows version under WINE?

Thanks, glad to hear it.

Did it end up working?

Guess there's some bug in how the game handles the error report server being down... fixed the server, game should work now.

Hey, uh... does the game not work for anyone else? I booted up the EXE version of the game and the console is all messed up making the game unplayable. It wasn't like that when I uploaded it...


The project page says the recommended size for a cover image is 630x500 - but I don't see cover images displayed anywhere near that size anywhere on the site.

Where does that recommendation come from?

What sizes should I be targeting?

What scaling algorithm does itch use?

This is of some concern for someone who wants detailed pixel art in their cover image - I want to be able to tell someone I'm contracting to draw one how to make sure it looks good at the sizes it ends up getting displayed at.

Judging this as a demo, which it primarily is: this is incredibly awesome!

As a game: there needs to be some way, on the more sparse levels, for falling down to not be the end. The obvious answer is to give the marble some kind of upward mobility, but I'm thinking it might make sense to give the player the ability to morph the fractal to try to make the terrain more favorable; that'd fit the theme and show off the fractal collision tech.

Given that most people are going to be here to see the fractals and not really for a challenge, I strongly suggest the level select have all levels open from the start. As it is the level select sucks; you can't even go back to the level you left off from.

I love your style, but I sure wish the game looked anything as, well, complete as the video.

Get further in before you decide whether it's a "work of art" or not. :P

Funny thing about the music; it's all Creative Commons stuff but for some of the tracks this game is the only place they exist anymore, or at least they don't exist anywhere indexed by Google. The site I downloaded them from is just another paid stock music site now and if they have the stuff archived they aren't providing it anymore. Means I don't have to worry about it showing up in other games and such, I suppose.

In any case, thanks for the positive feedback. The game itself hasn't gotten an update in a year but that's only because I've been rewriting the "complete garbage" graphics library that backs the game and just started the work of porting it to the new replacement. It's pretty discouraging looking at four year old code that all of a sudden doesn't even build a playable game anymore, but comments like this keep me going.

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@pix31 Yeah, running the source version under Linux requires some extra work. I recommend just running the Windows version under Wine.

The instructions for getting the source version running are here:

You should be careful about trying to guess the names of packages on pypi, people like to put viruses up there with names based on the names people get wrong. Google around before you `pip install` something.

Figured it out; Game Maker has problems with the Win10 creators update. I'll bet just re-exporting the project with an updated Game Maker will fix it.

This doesn't seem to work any more. Did a few months ago but now it just shows a black screen.

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It just crashes at the end of the first cutscene.


Oh, no, it looks like you just don't respond to events when the "static-y eyes" thing is up and if the player clicks or presses buttons Windows thinks it's frozen.

Works okay for me. Try it again?