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Get further in before you decide whether it's a "work of art" or not. :P

Funny thing about the music; it's all Creative Commons stuff but for some of the tracks this game is the only place they exist anymore, or at least they don't exist anywhere indexed by Google. The site I downloaded them from is just another paid stock music site now and if they have the stuff archived they aren't providing it anymore. Means I don't have to worry about it showing up in other games and such, I suppose.

In any case, thanks for the positive feedback. The game itself hasn't gotten an update in a year but that's only because I've been rewriting the "complete garbage" graphics library that backs the game and just started the work of porting it to the new replacement. It's pretty discouraging looking at four year old code that all of a sudden doesn't even build a playable game anymore, but comments like this keep me going.