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Hello Jamer and sorry for the late reply! I really appreciate your offer, but I don't feel like sharing anything just yet. If I ever change my mind, you will be the first one to know. As for your other question I have only heard of it. Sounds to me like some kind of a framework : )

Thank u for your time!
I use JQuery to make it easier for me to select and perform multiple actions (chain) on some of the game's elements. However, I have learned with time  that it wasn't too hard to do the same things with pure JS, therefore, I'm thinking of removing JQuery.

Well, I do use use SetTimeout() on many parts in this prototype.

I do use that hiding technique by setting the display="none" as well.  As for remove, I use it on elements I don't have need for.

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the amazing tips!
Your guess is correct. I'm using different images on different backgrounds/divs. Every scene/lvl in my prototype is represented by a single div, and there is a special pattern, that I have created, that decides what objects to show or remove on the current scene.

The pre-rendering technique called Blitting that you mentioned seems to be very useful in general and maybe just what I need. But i didn't quite get that "baking" method so I'm gonna need to read more about it.

I wish I knew where I could find all of those hidden techniques that make a huge difference in the outcome, instead of learning them with time. (T __ T)

None of them. Is there anything you would recommend for me ?

Thanks for your advice and for trying to help me. I will do that if I find someone. If it's ok I do have one last question. What is the max size of the project that I can upload to Itch if I decide to go with "Downloadable" option?

I'm sorry, I don't know how to reply. I don't understand what " loading a sprite from disk anew every single frame" actually means. Is there an example that I can see somewhere ?

I'm not 100% sure on how to interpret  "loading assets repeatedly", but I think u are asking about if I'm adding/removing new objects/elements in the DOM from time to time during the game's lifetime. If that is the case, then yes.

No, I don't suppose that.
I runned it on both Chrome and Firefox during development and now after I uploaded it here on Itch. The result is the same on both browsers, however, I noticed that the better my internet connection is the better the game's performance gets. As for you other question, I 'm not using any resources outside the projet's files. does mention (on "Uploading HTML5 games") something about large HTML5 run better when they are disributed as downloadable instead, but the problem is I'm not that experienced when it comes to converting many files into an actual application. I also  wonder if there are technologies  out there that are beginner friendly and  can help me do just that.

Here is my current project structure: 

Hi everyone, today I have uploaded a part of my game (the project is private)  to see how it would  perform. Unfortunately, the result wasn't good at all. The sounds and when the game switches backgrounds, at some points, take too long till they execute.
I have made that part using HTML, CSS, JS & JQUERY and the size of the Zip file that I have uploaded  is almost 30MB. 

Do you guys have any idea what the issue might be? Or should I make my project downloadable to prevent all of those weird issues from happening ?

First of all, I really appreciate all the the time  you dedicated to give me an overview on this topic. I will consider myself to be lucky that  I got guidance from someone with as much work experience as you, SIR!  I feel like I now have gotten a much better view on the way. 

Even outside the field of game development, I have always liked to write down my own solutions due to not being limited by in any way just like you mentioned.  

I really wanted to be sure of whether it was safe or unsafe to proceed with own written solutions especially when I'm making my first steps into the field of game development. Once again thank you so much!

You are totally right, I have 0 exeperience  working with game engines and i can kinda see that I will  need to dedicate a lot of time to pick the right game engine that really suits my needs and master it. 

I thought it was going to be a good opportunity to try Unity out since it's so popular, but I guess i'm gonna have to look for other options if I ever decided to pick one of course.

Thank you for sharing with me all of this! That is a lot of new info that I didn't know about. I'm definitely going to read more about Unity with JS and see what else they offer for 2D games.  Also, I'm gonna take a look at your project asap.

As for your questions: 

- I'm creating something close to Visual Novels and there are battles between  the acts. 

- I'm using delay methods to activate special effects after a certain amount of time, for example, when an enemy's hp gets low, it will say something before performing its' next attack.

I will do my best, thanks for the support :)

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Hello everyone!

I stopped working at my game bcuz I feel lost and I need some guidance or having tips. 

My plan is to create a game using html5 and JS and then publish it on as an HTML5 project. And to be more specific, my current game-code consists a lot of Jquery ( a JS library) to make it easier for me to manipulate (adding/removing objects) the dom.  

The thing is that, I have recently discovered a few JS frameworks and this made me rethink about the whole process. Personally, I feel like I can make what I have in mind without using any framework but I'm worried about how game's performance will turn out at the end.  Do you think it's worth the time to invest into one of those framewroks (ex. Phaser.js) and why?

Here are the things that I have managed to implement in my project  (2D game) so far :

  • A basic battle system (turn-based)
  • A way to interact with NPC:s
  • Delay at some points.
  • A way to switch between different rooms/levels.