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When I refresh the class for Slayers 1.5, I will make that clearer.  Use the Control die for attack.  That is how I intended it when creating the class, but never explicitly stated that in the description.

This is a neat implementation for connection tracking!  IT reminds me of the mapping that does.  Very cool!

I .. did..!  I freely admit that I used, whom I have been a fan of and bought years ago.  But hey.. Ancient civs need their own languages!  I need to finish up some of my ideas for this supplement, just need the time now :)

Cheers Templar51!

Thanks fyret!  I tend to like prompts that aren't completely holding my hand, but I can see where this one might be a little too "let the child wander".  

After the jam I do intend to revisit this a bit more, and also to include the copyleft materials for legitimacy ;)


I will be adding a little bit more to it as my work schedule allows.  Also adding in the copyleft texts to make it legit and all :). 

Let me know what becomes of your Hyu Iltaykou if you end up using this!

Everything should now be updated, and I tweaked a few things to make the class more... interesting, I hope.

Hey cl4yton.  What is confusing with the files?  I have it setup so that for the most part the class is free to play, but then there are other background files that I have put a lot of time into that, I had hoped, would lead people to toss some change my way if they found the class worth it.  

There happens to be 8 community copies left, at the time of this reply, that would allow you to snag them all if you don't already have them all.

As to the CS.  Thanks for catching that.  I do have some updates to consider with the 1.5 version dropping, but in general nothing *needs* to change.  The classes will still work the way that they are :)  Is there anything specific in 1.5 that you are looking at?


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There really isn't any one attack type intended.  If ranged fits your image more, use that.  Otherwise a sword and shield, or Crows-Beak will do just as handily!

With it being a magical class, how the attack looks in the end is completely up to interpretation.  I can see it as being a mage flinging spells from a distance, or even a mage creating magical weapons to use. 

Thanks for this update @Nookrium!

I know this is minor, but if possible on the next update {this doesn't need to be made an update on its own it is that minor} would it be possible to add the year amount to the Gameplay Overview sheet?  Something as simple as:

Era II: Burgeoning Kingdoms (50 y)

A follow up request in the same vein is to have a year tally for the game lengths?  ie:

A Short game has a Year To Date of 850, while the Epic has a YTD of 2400

These are miniscule additions, but would give players a quick idea of what length of game would yield a certain number of years?

Very fun game either way!

Good to know!  

I know that for some, the amount of text is not near as much as one of my submissions happens to have...  But just in case, I have come up with a couple of methods to mitigate that.  Both are covered here, but this is the short rundown.

First, the obvious solution.  Re-work the text so that there is nothing on the back that might be printed on by the Postal Service.  After mailing out a few samples to some guinea-pigs I know, and upon deliver I discovered that the post office prints this annoying string of information that they actually need to get things to their proper destination!  I mean.. how rude!  I found that the top and bottom inch/25.4mm will have some form of printed barcode/information placed there.  By re-working the back text so that there is enough white space on the top and bottom there should be no issues with your hard worked information being over written by the postal service.

The second solution is to use some form of removable label to cover the game text so that the post office can still print what they need to but your text is protected.  This is shown in this example here.  While this is a simple fix, it adds a small cost to each postcard going out.  While the cost per card is minimal, I don't think that everyone should go out and buy $4 of Avery 5436 removable labels and use two, maybe a handful more, to send out my cards.

Hopefully enough people see this before printing something as back text heavy as my RogueCard game and they can make the needed changes to remove this concern from their game.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks!  I hope that it is just a fun playable system solo or group!


Not knowing what your plans are for Find Me There, or Lucy :), but I would be happy if further versions of this were released to tell more of the story. 

Has this happened yet?  :)

It was indeed a good suggestion.

Mi-Jo-Games: It is interesting at how the visuals changed when you 1) inverted the colors and 2) made them grey-scale / B&W.  It isn;'t  a bad thing by any stretch!  Just interesting at the aesthetics change.  It is fun what our minds do with visual information, other than text that is.

In keeping with ldodds post for a Google Slide Template...   I give you an Affinity Designer Template for anyone who is using Affinity Designer.   There are two formats, a regularly saved Affinity Designer file and the template file.

Please let me know if there are any changes that need to be made to the template.  The template uses Arial as the default font so it should be universal for everyone without having some wacky font that only I might have :D

I agree, the blueprint aesthetics are incredibly apt for this game.

The whole concept is great!

Love this idea!  A simple game that involves rolling dice and fostering story telling!  I can't wait to hear some of the hijinks that kids will come up with to get around a Security Measure!

I figured that some form of physical reward might bring more interest into the game ;).  Besides, these are loot bandits!

I cannot wait until your submission comes out bmils001! 

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Thanks for the fun Jam ACGodliman!  bmils001 showed it to me and started talking about their submission that they wanted to do for it...  Then I had a thunk and submitted one as well!  Very neat concept, the Jam... not my postcard per se!

What do you get when you cross a rules lite system, a rogue like environment, and fantasy monsters? You get Slayers, that's what! The rules are light enough that combat feels natural while it is happening, and the downtime will be enjoyable as there aren't things that bog it down with the endless minutia of finding the last hair of a skinless rabbit to obtain the final ingredient for that long sought after grimoire of unholdthinehandeth!

Slayers is a game that allows your table to delve deep into character development. This is done without the constant tracking of skills and advancements, yet it still allows everyone to feel as though progress is truly being made and is significant.

Each class brings its own unique flavor to the table as well. Whether as a blade or a gunslinger, each one has a unique mechanic that allows each one to shine in a different way. There are also more classes that are possible, and with the Creators Kit they can be brought to life!

Seriously though, grab Slayers. For the price of a fancy burger and fries, you can be out gathering intel on new districts as they appear.

There is a lot of good stuff in here @Gilla RPGs!  

I get where you are coming from Asherett.  I don't think that Buster422 was intentionally trolling though.

I think that having an option to allow a river to run through a city or not, regardless of on the coast or in plains, would be a nice addition.  As would the number of roads heading into and out of a city.   For me, it is more than why is the generator doing this, it is *what if* I have a specific thought in mind that I want to try out?