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Rivers going through city

A topic by Asherett created May 18, 2018 Views: 1,160 Replies: 7
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Hi! I've noticed that with coast enabled, the river very often runs through the city, especially on larger cities. 

With coast off, the river extremely rarely runs through the city, I've only seen it once on a very large city. 

Is that intended or just a side effect? Perhaps adding an option for "river in city" y/n?

If you think about it very few people would have the drive to build a small town/city over a river. Next to the river on the other hand makes much more sense.

Later, when the town/city needs to expand it expands over the river as the have enough people and supplies to make bridges and things work in the town.

Hope this helps!

While I appreciate your explanation, it doesn't change the fact that this has nothing to do with the settlement being near a COAST or not, which was what I was pointing out :)

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It kind of does. If the city is near a coast there is a higher chance that the river, probably coming from the mountains, that needs a body of water will go to it.

So it would make sense that a city based by the coast would most likely have a river.

Ok, fine trolling man (at least I assume you're trolling, since you make absolutely zero sense), but  please stop cluttering up the thread. I'm hoping for a response from Watabou, not inanities about rivers magically being attracted to cities on coasts. This is a code issue, and he might be interested in it...

Going to re-iterate the main point: The likelihood of a river going through a generated city (as opposed to outside/around it, seems to be greatly affected by whether coast is enabled or not. Probably a side effect of some code?

Ill stop after this one but I'm not trying to troll. Just trying to explain why it is how it is. If you don't understand it that fine. Cheers!

I get where you are coming from Asherett.  I don't think that Buster422 was intentionally trolling though.

I think that having an option to allow a river to run through a city or not, regardless of on the coast or in plains, would be a nice addition.  As would the number of roads heading into and out of a city.   For me, it is more than why is the generator doing this, it is *what if* I have a specific thought in mind that I want to try out?

More than likely it is intended. You have to think about it when a inland town is set up next to a river it is more than likely using that river as a source of water. If the river runs through the city it has a chance that it will become polluted or if you have a wall around your city it means that there are large gaps in your wall that could be exploited during an attack. A coast city on the other hand while it does have those same problems they also have the benefits of boats coming to and from so having the city set up with the river running though it would help with trade.