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Thanks so much! I'm an ADF stalwart. I find them easier to work with than HDD files :-)

Lovely lovely JOTD. Is there an ADF on the way?

Put a sock in it, Ithimitch.

The devs quit to work on more projects

For some reason, when I press Start, the game does it's transition bit, and then opens the menu again. In a kind of loop. I can't get past the menu.

This is with the Windows Executable. :-(

Hello lovely Nebulous programmer. Would you able to upload an Windows Executable, please?


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Is there any chance of a Windows Executable please? This game is great!

The devs quit to work on more projects

Thank you very much! Really appreciate it! :-)

(PS. I've played all versions of Klax, including the MAME version, but I really like your version better for some reason. Love the PICO-8 sound and aesthetic)

Love this game! Any chance of a Windows Executable please?

Love this!  Any chance of a Windows Executable?

Any chance of a Windows Binary? I donated $2.50.