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Hey! Sorry for the super late response. Things go a bit hectic on our end. I just published a build with an alternative control scheme to switch weapons. You may now use Q to switch weapons instead. Hope you have time to give it another go :

Hey there! That's a really good point... Give us a day or two and we'll try to put a patch out that addresses this issue for you. We will find a key to bind it to.

Hey thanks for checking it out! We're glad you liked it!

Yeah the sword was sorta of designed for those who have a bit more trouble aiming. The rotation sort of artificially expands the area it can hit when moving forward. Crossbow in this build is definitely the play if you can aim well!

Thanks leafo :)

Hey all!

Posted another patch with some bug fixes:

Controller dead zone issue on left stick fixed, right stick aiming refined
Player now unable to side step bridge explosion
Fatal error on restart during item grab from npc fixed
Stopping time wont stop Fergus table throw
Can no longer get duplicate items

Hope this resolves some issues. Shout out to@SilentDrumr for finding these!

Thanks Cryptic! Yeah it's been a loooong time. We cant wait to wrap it up.

Hey, just a heads up. We dug in more and found it to be a dead zone issue on some controllers. I just published a patch that should have it fixed. If you have time to give it a shot we would love to hear if it's working as expected for you.

I just watched the video! Thanks for the great review, it was a ton of fun watching you! Seriously you're really solid at what you do, I was engaged the entire time.

I just wish you weren't running to the right the whole time.. Maybe try unplugging everything except the mode of control your using? Could be a joystick or key is stuck on one of the other controllers / keyboards. Clicking in and out of the window might have done it too. I'm trying to replicate on my end but not having much luck in doing so.

holy cow is that odd. Lol

Do you have anything odd like controllers extra mice etc. Plugged in? You could have also olunfocused the window some how and still played without ever refocusing... I'll look into it!

Away from my PC now but I'll give your video a watch when I get home! thanks is for checking it out!

Hey thanks for checking the game out!

Yeah we'll check you guys out and I'll let you know :)

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Hey all! Man does it suck living 45 minutes south of SF and STILL not able to go to GDC! Just couldn't get the time off work unfortunately.

Anyway, I'd like to announce our upcoming game 

The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines

In the ancient kingdom of Ceanarth an organization known as the Ambassadors of Time protect the world from forthcoming catastrophes and escalating wars. As a low level Ambassador, Gregor, you’ll investigate a disturbance emanating from the Ambassador’s stronghold, the Basilica. Using your time stopping abilities, you will solve puzzles, outsmart enemies, and explore an unknown world in this arduous twin-stick shooter.

In The Ambassador you will:

  • Stop time to evade, confuse, and defeat your enemies
  • Explore an foreign landscape composed of fortresses, mountains, cities, and forests, spanning across two timelines
  • Collect an armory of weapons and armor, each more unique than the last
  • Enjoy fluid combat through an Xbox 360/One controller or mouse and keyboard on Windows

Play the demo here:

The Ambassador Demo

Thanks for checking it out! It sucks not being at GDC but we gotta make the best of it :)

Hi everyone! We're new to the community but so far its been a blast! We have recently released a demo for our game The Ambassador and would love to have people play it. The Ambassador is a twin-stick shooter where your every action has a consequence. There are no right or wrong decisions, just good or bad outcomes. You can check it out here: The Ambassador Demo!

We intend to release around December of this year on and steam. We hope you guys enjoy trying it out. Here's just a small amount of game play! 

-Ryan Throw, TJ Acre