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Tim Willers

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I recently published my first Twine game here - Speechless. I made it solo and had a blast writing it. 

I'm now looking to build up my portfolio some more. Open to helping out with anything - light-hearted humour, darker atmospheric writing, world-building, etc...

Reach out if you need a writer! 

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it! 

Thank you so much! That feedback means a lot! 

Oh wow! I hadn't considered it at all, but I think I've just set up a support button if you'd really like to. Thank you so much, that support really makes me want to pursue this further! 

Thank you so much! Makes me want to make more stuff in the future and keep on practising!

I have been wanting to learn how to make a game in Twine for so long, and I heard a great way to start was to take a story you know well and re-interpret it as interactive fiction for Twine. So I did just that!

For fans of Buffy or just anything remotely creepy, here is Speechless - a tale about a pandemic that renders the residents of a town unable to speak.

It's my first ever experience trying anything at all like this, so I'd appreciate any and all feedback!