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Tim Knauf

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Thanks for the continuing nice feedback, folks! :)

Thanks Paul!

Good to know, thanks!

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I'm new to development, and first I have to say how impressed I am at the developer experience. From butler, to the page design tools, to the friendliness of the community, it's been fantastic.

Signed by ’89, an HTML5 game, had a no-audio problem on some Safari and Brave browsers, which I believe I've now resolved locally. I've been testing using a local HTTP server and my own "pretend this is running on" iframe wrapper, but I'd love to test against the real environment. I'd like to push an "update candidate" which I can test thoroughly without affecting the live build.

So far I haven't been able to work out how to do this, using butler or any other method, short of creating a whole new "unreleased" project just for testing. Is what I've described possible? Am I missing something obvious? Thanks!

Thanks for your kind words; glad you enjoyed it, Tom! It was a lot of fun to make. :-D

This is great! Brutally hard but totally fair—I feel personally responsible for every peon death. ;-) Love the pixel art and chiptunes.

My poor peons! Hundreds of deaths, and I've still not reached the ending yet. But damn,  this is great stuff. It's rare to see a game jam game that feels so polished and complete. Fresh combination of puzzling and precision, with clever mechanical touches  like (as Steven said) dropped chests staying behind for a few precious seconds. Adorable pixel art, and love the perfectly-matched chiptune soundtrack. Excellent stuff.