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Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you loved it! :)


What do you exactly mean with this comment? 


Thank you for the nice comment. The tutorial was delivered all in one but in the main game it's more spread out throughout the game. 

I hope we do get to deliver in the end! ;) 

Thanks for Playing.


Thanks =D 

There were some unintended side effects with the brightness slider so it's disabled in the 1.31 build.  As for the tutorial, it's okay if people are looking for a while, it's very empty, eventually you'll spot the target.

As for the cave, I agree that it's dark. That's why we added the torch you can equip by pressing T. (see lower right bottom/tutorial message) 
Caves are still somewhat affected by the time of day outside which is unintended but the caves in game will be dark. That's why we added the torch. I hope to fix the brightness slider for the next build.

Luckily most people are in fact guided by the big god rays and lights placed around in the cave which do lead to the exit, like you said, players follow the lights ;) 

If you can run UE4 games you should be able to run this. Maybe your anti-virus is blocking it. mine always has to scan it 3 times before booting it up properly. =) 

I'll make sure to add arrow key support.
Can you tell me what settings you were playing at? (I'm wondering what made the tutorial area so dark) 

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Thank you so much for the video.
That video was very
puts on glasses
(love the thumbnail btw ;D ) 

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! We'll definitely take this into consideration. 

Just got done watching it, I left a comment.

I really had a ton of fun watching this video. Laughed a lot. also the thumbnail is 10/10 xD

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Thanks a lot for trying it out and your nice comment! I'm also super excited to see our end result. 

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yeah of course you may reshare the trailer! :) 

Very sorry to hear your PC can't run it.  Could you share your system specs and maybe some details on what goes wrong when trying to play? This would help us resolve the issue for the final product.

I'd really like to see some cool blocks for creating trees. I also like the idea of building my own rocks. 

+1 for hexagons.