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Adam "TideGear" Milecki

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Any chance of an Android build, please?

Thanks for fixing it!

It works on Android 9 now!

I'd like to request an Android build!

Understood! Thanks for the help!

I really appreciate the support. However, this new build is still crashing on run. It's worth mentioning my device is pretty rock solid too.

I'm on Android 9 with a Galaxy S9+.

The Google Play version worked for me, but this one installs fine, then crashes when I try to run it.

The Play store build wouldn't launch for me, but this itch build does! Thanks! The only thing worth mentioning is it has the Adobe Air icon.

Does this support split screen co-op?

Rubicon Zone Warning

(for Windows PC only)

Disarm metaphysical bombs meant to destroy entire parallel dimensions. Use astral hacking, a method of hacking time and space. Control a vessel, a manifestation of your consciousness, inside each bomb. Time is ticking down. The walls are moving in. Disarm immediately!


  • Strange and challenging action/puzzle gameplay
  • Abstract and metaphysical future aesthetics
  • Make your own levels using just a text editor
  • Keyboard and controller support
  • Compatible with the Steam-like app
  • Free!

Watch gameplay footage here! (This is beta footage, so it's a little out of date.)

A Note to My Fellow Game Devs:

I made Rubicon Zone Warning free because I wanted anyone (with a PC at least) to be able to play it. I'd appreciate you giving it a try, and please let me know if you make any levels for it!

And of course, if you enjoy it, please donate. You'll get some extra goodies!

Please share any levels you create!