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The Google Play version worked for me, but this one installs fine, then crashes when I try to run it.

I don't know what to do. It works fine on my phone.

I deleted the app from my phone, downloaded it from itch and it worked fine. On Android 8.1.

Don't know what to do. I cannot replicate a crash.

I'm on Android 9 with a Galaxy S9+.

Cheers. Saw a checkbox in the editor marked ARM64 that was blank. Rebuilt it and uploaded it.

Let us know if it persists. I may have to download more Unity's. I hope they don't breed.

I really appreciate the support. However, this new build is still crashing on run. It's worth mentioning my device is pretty rock solid too.

I've got other reports of crashing. Unity is broken.

I've already tried downgrading the project but it deleted a ton of assets doing so. I can only try installing a newer version and I'm practically on the latest version. I'll try downloading another version of Unity. I have bad internet so this will take a few days.

Understood! Thanks for the help!