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Not sure how to get it controlled with keyboard / mouse, please?

Hello. Was this abandoned..? :-( (sad face...)

Sweet... Very! :)

I wonder, anything new on this one? :)

I am not sure i understand about "Firebird" project? What is it?

Finally played it - it is made great! Cockpit hands anims, weapon recoils, controls dynamics - all sweet. If bored, please extend this to something. I love aerial shooter, how about some "cleaning from turrets on giant space station surface" or something? :) Thanks for sharing this game, fun play!

I finally dedicated some time to play this, it is fairly competent space shooter basis in here :) I played up to 3rd ring (then died). I like visuals of enemies (and allies that later comes too), and mostly all visuals (maybe cockpit needs some more), controls dynamics seems fine. I know it was time restricted project, but would be nice if it gets further. One thing that I would prioritize - make enemies death "non-instant-disappearing". Some falling apart in pieces would be more immersive :) Thank You for this project, it is fun :)

I would be very thankful (and, not just me, i know) if you add Y-axis inversion for mouse control. Can not really play like it is, i am very "old school" :) Heck, if making option is too long story, maybe you could upload second download for game, where mouse Y is inverted? :) Thank You in advance!

Thanks for a game! ;-)

Just downloaded, and did a quick run (before going to work) in "Free Flight" and "Arcade" - as expected, this is good fun! That picture-in-picture cameras view is great addition. Mouse pitch direction is in right right setting, also nice :) I like this, Thank You!!

Disputed Space community · Created a new topic Idea

You should make some kind of asset-sandbox onm this basis :) For us to create our own shooting crazes.

Thank You for your source sharing. Learning for others.

My best wishes to your project! :)

Bought this game yesterday (if 2 dollars can be called "bought"), had just some 10 minutes with it, and - I like it a lot! Exactly what I expected, super quick access arcade-ish 3D shooting. My special respect for implementing plugin for proper controller configuration, Thank You for that. I played my first quick test with mouse, but I am always declaring that such games has to have flightstick support, even if at the end of the day you understand that maybe it makes more sense with mouse. As a "dev to dev" question, is this on some template/kit based? If not - you should consider to make a asset template from this! :-) Thank You for game. Soon will tell about it on my blog ("Cockpit Games" themed) and twitter.

Thank you for this very first demo!! Sure, it is early version, but basic fun is in! :)

Will try to figure out, can I use some re-mapper, emulator, to fly it with flightstick. And, for very casual sessions - mouse steering is a must. I hate gamepads :) Have them, but just for reasons if nothing else works :)

Congrats on this game! I dig "Cockpit Games" (see more on my youtube comment for your project). Now, about this place, I have a serious question - why this game does not show up, if I search for "Space"? Makes me wonder, what more projects may have been off radar.

Thanks for answering! I shared link to this template on my Twitter :) I maybe not having much readers, but someone who has interest in aerial combat games might take a look.
One technical question of me being inexperienced. I know templates-based games suffer from level boundaries. Level too small, invisible walls annoying, etc. I am not expecting this template having "level warping" feature (kinda looped coordinates), but, what about level size? How flexible (or not) is this for gameplay area size? Thanks again!

Hello! How would you say, how much Unreal Engine knowledge background is required (or recommended) for someone who would like to try this? And here goes typical - "I am asking for a friend!" :-))) Hahaha... kidding. I am addicted to aerial combat games, and dreaming to experiment making something by myself.


Okay, got it! :) Will follow the news.

First of all - congrats on your Unreal dev grant! Obviously, you deserve that, you project shines. I am excited for things than may come now! :)
Small thing I am wondering, with kickstarter campaign coming, but I did pay something already here, what would be my options? Thank You.

Thanks a lot for new demo version! For now - quick question: is there on/off switch for Vsync? It feels like it is Off, and I am not finding option to turn it "On". Thank You.

try to outmanouver missiles, imagine your flares system is damaged :) I dealt with several squadrons without flares (i also don't know, do they exist in this version), it is great fun anyway :)

I bought this game, right after this new 0.2.9 version came out. Absolutely fantastic. "Alpha"? By content quantity - maybe. By quality - it is AAA. My flightstick (Thrustmaster Fox 2 Pro) configures good (did not try hat-switch anything yet), pitch, roll, yaw, throttle - everything okay. Visuals - oh, my... i don't even start. Just go see it. Wow. Difficulty of current mission - fine for me. I die for now before they all do, but that's just me with very little "flight hours" here :)
Thanks for this Game !!