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Okay, got it! :) Will follow the news.

First of all - congrats on your Unreal dev grant! Obviously, you deserve that, you project shines. I am excited for things than may come now! :)
Small thing I am wondering, with kickstarter campaign coming, but I did pay something already here, what would be my options? Thank You.

Thanks a lot for new demo version! For now - quick question: is there on/off switch for Vsync? It feels like it is Off, and I am not finding option to turn it "On". Thank You.

try to outmanouver missiles, imagine your flares system is damaged :) I dealt with several squadrons without flares (i also don't know, do they exist in this version), it is great fun anyway :)

I bought this game, right after this new 0.2.9 version came out. Absolutely fantastic. "Alpha"? By content quantity - maybe. By quality - it is AAA. My flightstick (Thrustmaster Fox 2 Pro) configures good (did not try hat-switch anything yet), pitch, roll, yaw, throttle - everything okay. Visuals - oh, my... i don't even start. Just go see it. Wow. Difficulty of current mission - fine for me. I die for now before they all do, but that's just me with very little "flight hours" here :)
Thanks for this Game !!