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Really nice game! The level and item customization was very fun to tinker with. I don't know if there was a bug but I had people requesting items named numbers like "7351" or "7724". If it's intentional it's an odd choice because it wouldn't make sense for users to request those features. Otherwise a clever spin on the game jam theme!

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Hi! I liked your game but there were some things that were a bit frustrating. Here's what I liked:

  • Originality: combining a rhythm game with a factory that makes the dance arrows is a really cool concept and I think the core loop of the game is quite solid
  • Dancing mini game: I often find that factory/idle games can sometimes be a bit boring when you're waiting around to earn more money. Making the player dance the moves that they created themselves to increase revenue is a really nice way to engage the player and it sometimes felt like I was playing two different games

What I didn't like:

  • Deleting parts: I'm very surprised this wasn't implemented. I often struggled to place parts on the correct branch, and when I misplaced a part I had no way of undoing or deleting. This was probably the most significant thing that decreased my enjoyment of this game
  • Music: for a game that is all about making dance moves, I was never able to make music that was pleasant to listen to, and since I couldn't delete components it was quite difficult to control the pitch with any amount of precision. While I was getting invested in making complex dance sequences and trying them out, I ended up muting the game because the sound was becoming quite annoying.

Again I'd like to repeat myself: the core idea of your game is good and was solidly executed. Unfortunately there were a handful of issues that prevented your game from being as enjoyable as it could have been. Huge respects for completing the game jam, it takes a lot of balls to upload a game you've worked hard on and leave yourself open to criticism and feedback. Your game has potential, so if you choose to keep working on it after the game jam is over here are some features I would recommend you work on:

  1. Add an option to delete parts
  2. Make more intuitive how to add parts in different branches
  3. Maybe add a "confirm placement" button? This is less necessary if players can easily delete misplaced parts

Woah, really nice game! I'll take 66762

Beautiful game! As a bit of a nonogram addict, I wasn't sure what I was expecting but the story was very cute and some of the later puzzles where fairly challenging. Kinda wish there was an option to allow erasing but the game doesn't tell you if you've made mistakes, but I can't complain because I had such a nice time playing this game :)

Yeah I feel you. 90% of my runs start with finding 2/3 cool combo units and then getting stranded with a half-baked strategy. Zombies with no paladins, librarians with no books, gold and no gold dragons... This game has a lot of potential but it can be really frustrating sometimes

I'd like to report a bug: giant fungus doesn't seem to be triggering damage as expected

Darr beast synergy is definitely an unexpected powerhouse

if I can provide some more feedback, I think there should be more ways to remove your troops. Especially those 5 civilians at the start of the game, it feels like you're permanently playing with 20 free spots because you couldn't find IA

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FYI, the books don't transform into bookshelves. Maybe I don't understand how the interaction is supposed to work, but the books are just self-destructing without adding any bookshelves into my militia.

 Great game otherwise!

Edit: I got a bookshelf, so it does work, but I'm still not sure why it only worked after destroying around 8 books.

Second Edit: the book strategy feels extremely weak. You need the writer, who deals 0 damage to generate a bunch of books. The books also deal 0 damage, and you need them to generate a bookshelf. And then the bookshelf, finally... deals 0 damage but increases the damage of your librarians! I haven't even found a single librarian yet! The strategy requires you to jump through a lot of loops for a very strange payoff.

When they offer you double or nothing... that's the devil talking. Never take up the offer hahaha


I have been drained of all my blood

After the test was done I actually looked out the window. Don't think anyone is standing by the window on the 6th floor hahaha

Hope you don't mind too many bug reports. Delivered package messages sometimes don't leave the screen: 

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Great game! I've been eagerly keeping up with the updates. One issue is that the packages are all clipping through the map and popping out the other side of the globe

I love the art and the premise of the game! I can't wait to see how you develop this idea in the future.

Awesome game! Does every area have a hidden steven?