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Will you buy Touhou Fumo Racing when it releases knowing that it will have an install tracker?
I won't.

Most certainly it will. I already have seen comments "Is this made in Unity"? haha.

From a financial point yes you are right.
But if you want to make a game with the purpose of selling it, it will be tied with Unity's tarnished fame. You will lose sales. Especially on itch. Many people make Unity games here and selling them for 1-5$+.

Mark my words it will definitely affect everyone, people will ask you "Is this made in Unity" and since this site is indie dev dominant, they might not buy your game. Or even donate to your WebGL game.

I am in the middle of making a slasher horror and I bought many assets and tutorials on how to do some things so dropping off right now is not an option. I want to see it finished  BUT I will start learning another engine so by the time I finish my game, I can transition smoothly to the other engine. Unity's fame is tarnished, even streamers and youtubers caught this. Maybe if they fire Riccitiello might save some face, but the ship has started to sink.

Your models work great with mixamo rigger which is great. I saw in another comment that you will add more outfits. That would be neat to have.

Thanks, I won't be giving more time to this project tweaking and such, moving to new things.

What a nice creepy experience! 

The only feedback I could give is while at first the piano sounds for the UI were a nice touch, they became kinda annoying later when picking items.
Also I believe some retro filter like film grain and such and a limit to the fps would add to the creepy vibe. 

This concept is so good.
- Art is on point great retro pixel art
- The story has me hooked!!!
- A mystery set in a Dune-esque world? Sign me in!!!

As i was playing this game, crows were flying above my house and starting making noises. Shit my pants!! Surreal experience!

What a game, reminded me of the classic point and click adventures I played when I was younger. The only thing that bumped me was that the dirt mound in the turbine sector should have appeared from the start, since we don't know we should visit it again after. Nevertheless I enjoyed this!

Gave me the creeps!

Great setting and little creepy story!

This is damn scary good job!

Its nice to see that others will also continue their jam game! Cheers.

I'm glad to hear that! I hope that you have explained to him that games take a little bit of time to finish even the simple ones :)

I will try to add different endings that are short stories not just a sentence or two.

I managed to score one point! Its the movement of the player that is dragging. I guess you are using a dynamic rigidbody. Maybe a kinematic would be better.
The addition of tilting and fire was nice but if I were you I wouldn't give more time polishing this game unless you want to show it to a friend or a future potential employer maybe. 
Thanks for checking my game also. I intend to update since I received many good comments and  many people followed me.

Fez was exactly what I had in mind :D. I thought I would get massive shit for copying a popular indie game but apparently not many people know it.

I was planning to have the cat throw the flower pots from the windows but I got distracted from bugs. Missed opportunity :/

Thanks I like your profile picture. Άλφα, βήτα, γάμμα ;) You Greek?

I'm glad you liked it. I will update it with fences in the future so give me a follow if you like ^^.


I also missed the TAB hehe.

Why is it that Unreal fries my gpu? IS it a 4090  only engine?

Apart from the apparent missing of UI, I would a little story for the dimension shift, something along Anubis has cursed you to live in limbo and shift out for seconds or something. 

I'm glad you liked it!!!


Try again if you like, it should be fixed.

Its a bug that happens I think with the screen's fps. I can go around a full circle before losing in my browser.
The idea was to surprise the player by thinking this is a 2D game when actually its a 3D that's why I didn't put any indicators

I do intend to add more content.

Thanks, I will add more in the future.

Hey thanks for checking me. Its not you, i am moving the dog through Unity's animator OnStateUpdate and while its great on Editor its f**** on webGL. I dont know why it does that as is a very simple rigidbody.Move. I wanted to try something different for a change :/

No i meant that as an easter egg of poop killer ;)

Thanks for pointing that out, i failed some audio source setting 

I will be updating this if you are interested. The things I have planed... :)

Hahaha you got the full experience :D

I ma glad you liked it!! I have already thought on how to expand this ;)


The updating one will be even cuter ^^

I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks! I don't know why it does that, after the jam i will be updating this with more, robust ccode ;)

Oh the things i have planed for this game... ;)