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Just like we were when we built the levels! :P

Good concept and great pixel art! Sadly, the random nature of the raindrops can make the game frustrating at times.

Can't go wrong with a jump-n-run and snappy controls!

Chaos has definitely been caused. Sometimes, the cups even started falling without my intervention!

Cool concept, shame it's so short!

The kitty animations are incredibly cute! I also really liked the music, it created a great relaxed atmosphere. The controls could've been more snappy though.

Good work overall!

Fun little platformer! I liked the choice of characters :)

The controls felt very precise and snappy, maybe even too precise at times. It's very easy to overshoot a target.

Nice work, keep at it !

A simple and well executed game. The last level was frustrating at times since it can be very dependent on RNG.

Good work, keep at it!

Very cool game! It looks super polished for a weekend game jam. I'd have liked some way of telling what exactly the individual tower's abilities are beforehand, but that plays into the "gambling" aspect of the game, i guess.

Don't know if just separating objects into 8x8 tiles and then just slotting them together is in the spirit of the limitation, but the art is still great!

The art is very cute but the game could've used some sound effects. Also, there's no real challenge or motivation, so the gameplay gets stale pretty quickly. A score tracker and some obstacles would've gone a long way!

Still, good work, keep at it!

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Cool little game! The controls are crisp and the camera shake adds some nice feedback. Would have been better with some sound effects tho! Any particular reason why you didn't do anything cat-themed?

Fun little game, took a few tries but i got it!

The colors are very in-your-face, a more muted palette with less contrast might have been a little more pleasing.

Great art and cool intro! Sadly, playing on a QWERTZ keyboard layout isn't great since you have to reach over half the keyboard to jump.

The colors can be very hard to distinguish. I don't think a player stands a chance if they are colorblind.

It's a cool little game nonetheless and I had a fun few minutes!

Very nice little game! The mechanics are intuitive, even if you don't want to read the wall of text at the beginning. The pixel art is great and together with the fitting music creates a very relaxed atmosphere. If you develop this further, maybe try putting some goals around the island so the player  has something to work towards.

Great work, keep at it!

The  sprites are cute and the controls feel snappy. The placement of the collectables annoyed me a little, since most of the time the negative ones were placed right in front of a gap, which meant you either had to do a frame-perfect jump (if it worked at all) or just eat it and hope you're not slowed down too much. There also was no real progression in terms of ability or difficulty, which makes an infinite game get boring very quickly, so that would be one aspect to work on if you decide to develop this game further.

Good work, keep at it!

Cute little game! I really like the pixel art. The music is fitting but quickly gets repetitive.

The main mechanic seems a little wonky at times and I didn't like that successfully pushing an item off the table penalizes you by subtracting time. But overall, I enjoyed playing your game :)

Cute little puzzle game! The sprites are very cute and the music is soothing. Had a great time!

Very simple but very fun! The difficulty ramps up too quickly for my taste though.

The controls are much clearer now :)

Really cool concept. Art and music are great! I'm looking forward to a more complete version if you decide to develop this game further.

Only negative is that I managed to get stuck on a door once.

Great fun! It gets really hard really quickly but that doesn't detract from the experience. The art is cute and the music is fitting.

Great visuals and sounds, I'm getting a definite Binding of Isaac vibe!

The controls are snappy and satisfying and the progression makes me want to play more. My only criticism would be the low amount of visual reference points which often makes it hard to see where you're moving.

Overall one of the best games I've played in this jam :)

The visuals, sounds and music create a great atmosphere.

I didn't really understand what the extra controls (1, 2, 3) did and the movement felt very floaty.

Nice visuals although the upbeat music kind of took away from the "good or evil" vibe. The gameplay shows great potential, but as it is right now, it's a little confusing.

It's basically 2048 with bug sprites instead of numbers, which sadly makes it really hard to see how far along you are. 

I really can't see any use of the limitation.

The bees are very cute and the music is quite relaxing.  As far as i could see the game is endless but without an increase in difficulty, which doesn't really generate motivation to hunt for higher scores, but the gameplay itself is satisfying. Nice use of the limitation!

I like the pixel art and the music is great! The lighting is a little too severe for my taste and the controls could be a little more snappy. The gameplay is little more than a basic jump-n-run puzzle, i would have liked to see a unique feature. Overall, i enjoyed playing your game.

Making hell evil again is a great take on the limitation!

We just added a linux build, i hope it works for you!