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Game looked good, but it's unforgiving nature was a miss with me.

Personally I found the movement very slippery, I think it'd feel better if it had coyote time and/or jump buffering and perhaps a slight alteration to wall jumping.

G-eon community » Bugs · Created a new topic Startup Bug

The software seems to be stuck/softlock at the game select screen.

Once it reaches the Game Select screen you cannot do anything with it, it seems to not receive any input I guess.

Yeah it seems most players had a problem with how 'floaty' the jump felt (including me at the start of making it).

I did fix the gravity post-jam but I didn't dedicate enough time to improve the game any further, also the fixing of the gravity made some jumps impossible so the level needs to be redesigned.

Thank you for playing by the way.

I died/lost.
This game really kicked its story in my heart ;'(
Keep up wtih your awesome work and Good Luck!
I wish I could donate some money but says the minimum is 0.50€
(If you can send me your link I'd be glad to donate ;) )

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Great to see that you accepted my offer!! It's an honor for me to trasnlate such an amazing game!
If needed send me a message through here( or on Twitter

Also I think I forgot to mention a bug(or glitch):

  • At the last "Safe Room"(just before the demo ends) I saved and (I shot with the gun and) then went to the Main Menu and loaded the save and the game crashed.
    By the way I reopened the game and loaded the save and it worked just fine(and I finished the demo).

Oh yeah before I forget, from now on when asked about the (Pause) Menu not pausing the game better say that is inspired by Resident Evil Outbreak (since the game has a RE feeling)

Played the demo and I posted this comment to report some problems it had:

  1. The things that show up after you press "New Game" should appear after the "Sponsored By..." thing
  2. (XBOX 360) Controller is supported but doesn't work great
  3. The (pause) menu takes a while to get used too(actually just a few minutes/tries)
  4. The (pause) menu doesn't pause the game
  5. Enemies hit boxes are unfair

but The Game overal was amazing!! Can't wait to get my hands on the final build!

Also if you plan on translating the game to other languages if you want I can translate it to Greek.

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Thanks for telling us(me) about the second playable character because I was wondering why the game told us about her not trusting the (main) player(character).

Why don't you continue working on it?
It looks very promising!

I have 2 things to say about this game:

  1. Bad controls
  2. Good Graphics but some are missing

Is it just me or "fool"(in the "Install intructions") just doesn't sound offending at all?

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The game is now being published by tinyBuild so the game has been moved to STEAM

For this weekend only download it for free through it's STEAM PAGE

Download "Input Mapper"!

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How are we supposed to credit you?
Also nice!