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Well crap, my computer won't let me download Wine

Will this work with the Ubuntu text editor?


I agree

Hi Joe

The Linux version is an executable file (which Linux can't run)... did you upload the Windows version again by mistake?

Awesome, thanks!

This game is really hard!

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Are there any plans for a Linux version? For some reason I can't get Wine (a program to run .exe files on Linux and Mac) to install

Flash is dead, so this is dead :^(

But can you do it on Itch?

You should make this playable in-browser (You can do that with an HTML file)

Do you have any plans for a Linux version?

If not, then I'd better get back to figuring out how to install WINE...

Could you consider making a Linux version?

(I tried to install WINE but I don't know how)

I got the Well Hell ending

You can't download anything on an iPhone that isn't on the App Store without jailbreaking it

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Do you think you might be able to make a Linux version?

Sadly that's not possible

Very nice!

I agree!

Uh, hello?

This game would be perfect with a pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons!

This game is really weird (in a good way, of course!)


WHAT!? One of the featured games has an inappropriate hand gesture! I don't want to see that! Why can't I hide it?

I downloaded Baldi's Basics, and now my Recommended section is full of horror games! I really don't like horror games (with the exception of Baldi), so there should be a way to remove the "horror" tag from my recommended section.