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this is meThis is a really cute character creator and I love it! So far the only issue I found was really minor. On Firefox if you left click the name table the context menu will cover the entire screen. Shrek is love.

edit: here is me irl in the game (^_^)

Guess I'm joining the 90% crew now.

Straight out of nightmares.

He makes some good points. Especially about Walmart blueberries. I am glad aliens want to probe into our minds and not other places.

Murder has never been more fun!

I have only gotten a few endings but they kind of hit home. Just a little. Just a tiny bit. This is a good game.

The story really pulled me in.

Cute and charming little game :)

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Great psychological horror game.

You should have expected it... I should have expected it.

Y-you must have some interesting friends. O_O

I enjoyed this little demo. The menu is really pretty. The atmosphere looks and sounds super duper spooky and I love the artwork in the game and artbook! The boxes are a little glitchy but didn't cause problems. I am very curious about Nina and what exactly she is running away from so you have me hooked :D. Amazing game!

This game looking amazing visually.  

Who's been drawing dicks?!

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So glad they added weapons to this game! Too bad everyone's already dead.

This game intrigues me. I'm glad we an update to the demo!


They are so cute.

I can feel the hairs standing on my back and I hate it.

I actually just got here, but :O

It's really been that long, huh.

That is dummy text

I hate public bathrooms more then ever now. 

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Better get it before 2030 :p

Aye Aye. Reporting them on sight.

Looks like they are going for top games now. I've been reporting/blocking them.

I really like the atmosphere in this game. Very ominous.

I love falling through an endless labyrinth while being taunted by an shadow monster. 

11/10 :)

ps: My best score is 361. Whoever may stumble upon this game... beat me.

I played this game a while back, I'm glad people are noticing it :)


Very Froggy

The produce section stinks.


I'm tossing a few of my brain cells in the donation jar for you. Please spend them wisely

Thank you for this comment. I didn't know you could do that. Guess what I will be doing for the next minute?

Good Job team :)

I can confirm with 100% Guarantee that this game includes an Eggcelent friend. 10/10

Man, I hate ${COMPANY_NAME}. 

But I did enjoy this game :)

god game. The protagonist is really thought out and I can tell, but a little off... suspicious perhaps? Something in his eyes you know. 

Now, the evil ghost is way too scary and I almost shat so hard. I am lucky to still have a black chair.  The beer mechanic is clever. Too bad for that evil ghosty. Ghosts can't phase through beer (Well know fact). 

The sound design is outstanding and the credit song has brought me to tears. 

Best game of the centry. 


Dino friends? I see no friends here.

Anyways, this game mostly hits home for me.