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foi muito divertido trabalhar nesse projeto. espero que vocês gostem : )

Muito obrigado! fico feliz que tenha gostado do nosso jogo :)

Thank you for playing my game! I've been watching your vídeos : )

Thank you for playing and the feedback!

I will be changing some stuff soon : )

...sure, buddy 

: )

mine is this one  : )

you are the best!

Thanks for playing! : )

Great game!

I would love if the characters had more types of attacks for you to predict/react, but that would probably go against the jam’s theme.

The Cangaceiro Vs Samurai idea makes the game very unique and fun

: )

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Thanks! I loved making it. hehehe

: )

I realy liked the emotion this game gives. You are a great writer : )

This looks awesome! thanks, Dude!

I had done a 1 hour game jam before, but this was my first 48 hour jam...

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My UFU and Car are already badly drawn... that will make great bad fan-art! hehehe

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My UFU and Car suck... I would love to see a drawing of them hehehe : )

I made a bullet hell... with only one HUGE bullet:

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I 'm glad you enjoyed It  : )

I'm making the health display right now.  I will add It after the rating process is over

Thanks for Playing : )

Thank you for playing!

I do want to make some fixes and make it prettier, but Bullet-Hell isn’t really my cup of tea, so I don’t think I will expand this concept after I change what I want. : )

loved the robot Sprite/Animation!   The idea for the game was very cool. if you guys make more levels with this concept and add a few more mechanics you would have a neat puzzle-platformer on your hands : )

Thank you for playing!

Yea… I wanted to add some UI elements before releasing it (that’s the reason for the weird black rectangle on the side).

 I will do some fixes after the jam rating period is over : )

I'm glad you enjoyed It : )