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Very clearly realised story about finding yourself and the bumps on the road along the way.  Not sure what else to say except I'm impressed with it and recommend it highly?

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I'd love a downloadable version of this, and would be happy to pay for it, but I'm guessing that'd be challenging to implement?

Even leaving aside a download version, can we send you money for this?

I've just figured out game reviews aren't visible by using ratings so, here goes a review!

"Turn" is a finely-tuned engine for producing engaging, powerful personalised storytelling and The Feels.  It begins with collaboratively building the small town your game will be set in alongside the PCs and NPCs who will populate it.

It features character archetypes with their own frameworks for character generation, partly to ensure those stories have mechanics and pacing that fits their contexts.  (It's not using PBTA, but there are similarities if that helps ground things for anybody.)

As an example that has stuck with me ever since I ran into it, one of those archetypes has a prompt for generating NPCs which says "Who used to be proud of you?"

Ow.  OW.

Working backwards, if you're a fan of "Night in the Woods," then it feels like "Turn"'s approach to town generation could easily have built Possum Springs and its NPCs - although NITW has nothing to do with the themes of shapeshifting and identity baked into "Turn."

Anyway, if you're remotely interested, listening to two episodes of the Roll Out! podcast playing two sessions with the game's creators will tell you what you need to know faster and better than I ever could.  (And they're just entertaining in themselves.)

Town and character generation is here:

The first session of play, "Lodging complaints on Founder's Day" is here:

It's original, interesting work that provides tools for storytelling and characters we rarely ever see in popular culture, particularly in RPGs.  Strongly recommended.

This is a great deal of fun to read, and does fantastic things with Fate Accelerated Edition.  The characters are vibrant, diverse and interesting, the setting drips story hooks, and the writing made me laugh frequently.

So many of the character stunts are anime references. SO MANY.

Thanks for the response!  That makes sense, and it's an option that might be useful for clumsy folks like me?

Anyway, thanks for your time and the fantastic site!

Hi folks, sorry for what's probably a stupid question: I made some changes to a collection and think I screwed up something by removing something before I was ready.

It gives me a time of when the collection was last updated: is it possible to see a list of changes and times they were made?

Probably not, but I figured asking was a good idea!  Thanks for your time.

This looks fun - are there any plans to release the full version on itch?  Steam's not going to be an option for me.

Hi folks, here's the link:

The basic gist is that a bunch of different artists will independently create art on a particular theme, and then the two main project leads will create RPGs where that art would fit, inspired by it rather than the other way around.

It sounds great to me, but there's just a few days left for it to fund.  Anyone else interested?

Good to know.  I remember that Dicey Dungeons didn't give a Steam key till it left early access, and then sent everybody one.  That was nice.  I'd like to support Noita on Itch to make sure the devs get the best cut of the sale.  I'll probably do that ANYWAY, but an eventual Steam key would be good to have.

Hi folks, I'm delighted the demo is available here, but are there plans to sell the full game now that it's out here as well?

I've always been a big fan of "Cat: A Little Game About Little Heroes" by John wick, and The Secret Of Cats scratches a very similar itch with style and panache within the Fate Core system.

It features a ritual magic system that will be eerily familiar to anyone with cats in their lives, and is chock full of adventure.

Basically if you or your players look at this comic - - and think "Hell. Yes." then this is a good game for you.

I love the whole premise of Save Game: a world of videogames invaded by a virus, where the famous heroes of the age rise up to fight the invader... only to fall to it and be corrupted. It's about the old, weird and forgotten 8-bit heroes banding together against foes they cannot possibly defeat to play one... last... game... with the fate of the world at stake.

I love that kind of vibe.  I'm also impressed that mechanically the game folds videogame-esque ability unlock mechanics into Fate Core play, and the random character generation (emphasis on random) is also wonderful.

This is an imaginative and ambitious module of alternate history speculative fiction, exploring life in a collectivist future that escapes the totalitarianism that the USSR collapsed into.  The USSR *and* the USA are both presented as antagonists, and the setting is an interesting place for characters to grow.

My only complaint is minor and largely stylistic: the game features a sidebar discussing the atrocities committed under theoretically-leftwing totalitarianism.  I'd have preferred to also see a comparative sidebar about the numbers of people who are killed and displaced under capitalism and the 'normal' totalitarianism of the present day, precisely because we as the audience have more practice understanding collectivism as Bad than we do evaluating how Bad the capitalist status quo is.  Given that power differential in representation, having both would potentially give this module even more impact.

Rich and interesting undersea setting with lots of techno-punk elements and corporate skulduggery.

I was also delighted to see such diversity in the sample characters, including folks with disabilities: that's not often something included in RPGs, so the visibility is appreciated.

I've been wanting the "Uranium Chef" setting ever since the random art pages of cooks battling monsters on-set appeared in the Fate System Toolkit, and it doesn't disappoint.

It's a hilarious and energetic romp through reality television, science fiction, competition cooking and interpersonal shenanigans.  Highly recommended, and fun to read all by itself even if you don't wind up playing it.  Plus, it's full of fun inspiration that could be used in other Fate Core + Fate Accelerated games.

Fantastic, high energy module designed to make creating adventures very easy.  It's also very flexible for a wide variety of characters and stories, as long as high-energy adventure is the theme you want: I've even used its random character generator to make a companion in a Fate Accelerated Edition "Doctor Who" campaign.  Highly recommended.

Hello folks, and sorry to bother you:
In the wake of the tumblrpocalypse, a lot of people have been discussing as an alternative - but discussion discovered that .io domains may 'not be used, directly or indirectly, for any purpose that is sexual or pornographic' per .  Pillowfort have since announced they'll need to change their hosting to account for this.
Given that there's a bunch of great adult content on might this cause problems in future?  It sounds like it might not have been noticed as a problem by anyone who might complain so far, but Pillowfort had been hosting adult content without an issue too, and were concerned that visibility might result in someone complaining.
There's a bunch of assholes out there attacking the income streams of anything they consider progressive, and they've been active for a while.  I figured it was worth mentioning just in case this could cause problems, and that getting in ahead of complaints might make life simpler for anybody?
Anyway, thanks for your time, and for the great site.  You're pretty much the only game store I use any more.