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I really like the idea, only problem is art is weird lol - But I really enjoyed this bem tbh

Oof, im tryna figure out why its happening - I might reinstall unity

Haha thanks - i need to figure out why it gives an error for everyone

Yup, I need to figure out why.

Oh, so it's an error for everyone... I'm not sure how to fix pls help or unity! (idk if its compiling problem or problem ima try running it on firefox)

Thanks, I'm not sure how to fix it but it seems like it's a problem with cuz i found another post saying this same thing

Anyone else having the embed problem? I really hope I don't have to reinstall unity

Thanks, that was kind of what im going for


Oh yeh thanks for the answer I guess I could do it... not sure I'll make sure a host or someone answers and then start if not i guess i can take the theme in however i want :)

Ok, Just a quick edit that my post wasn't that clear so here's an updated version:

Are we allowed to make stuff that is based in the future or something like that?  What I want to do is a distopian world with war going on so it's not really in the past as in once upon a terrible time but it's still a terrible time... I hope someone answers me

I kinda want to do something about nuclear war but it’s not I’m the past, so would that be allowed?

I don't think dani actually made it, because if you look at the people who are hosting it it doesn't say anywhere that dani hosted it - He probably just approved of it

This game is a true masterpiece 👌

Haha no problem this is an masterpiece in the making:D

Nice idea:D I really like this, you got my vote!

This game isn't bad - It's just an unfinished version. ngl, its actually really fun - I like tryna play with the character facing backwards its cool:D You still worked hard on it,(and hopfully had fun)  and thats what matters :)

(3 edits)

add a reset button

Edit : Never mind i realize that you have to press r - great game!

same happened to me

fluggggggggggggggggggyyyyy - i mean flubby

 made by sebastian lague so its good and funny:) Great work dude

Upload again too:)

Man your tutorials are amazing - Keep up the good work, and lol in ur portal coding adventures u had Vector 4 wtf lol?

Ur amazing in tutorials:)

Dear Player - You are now a dear. 

I mean deer

amazing game though:)


weird not creepy

pls help make for webGL!!!!¡¡!¿¿¿?????¿

nice game


Fun, but a little confusing

If your playing this - thanks lol