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Nice game, I like the music and art! As LegendxD said, Z for interact is weird, it should be E, or Shift. The idea is simple but made in a fun way too. Nice game!

As other people said, it's a really addictive game but it did feel repetitive after a bit. Sound design is great though, really fits the vibe of sneaking in and grabbing government secret files.

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback :) Sorry about the vacuum noise haha!

Thank you! If I make a post-jam version (which I do plan to do when I have time) I'll add more levels, make the tutorial more intuitive, make the vacuum movement faster and smoother, and maybe even add in a new mechanic, but I'm not sure what the mechanic would be. Maybe an obstacle that can be moved by one vacuum but blocks another vacuum, I think that would be cool to mess around with.

The vacuums are pretty slow, if I make a post-jam version I'll speed them up, or as someone else suggested, add a speed slider so people can play at their own pace. If someone's tryna speed run the game (I'm not sure why someone would haha) it might be useful. I also was thinking of having the vacuums smoothly interpolate to the next position, but I ran out of time. Thanks for playing and giving feedback!

I like the car physics! But you should have made check points because players can cheat. I like the idea though that you have an AI to guide you through the race. It would've been really fun you could finish on time.

WebGL game I made:

I like the scary vibe this game gives. A little hard to understand the game at first, but it's really good! The sound design adds to the creepiness, and of course the Lidar sensor. Something charging at you was so scary lol.

Really nice game, the graphics are also amazing but there is a little too much reading to do.

Sorry about the vacuum sound haha!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I was thinking of making a leaderboard actually so you could compare your scores to other players and get a general understanding of how good they did, but I ran out of time. The stars idea is actually really good too, I should have tried doing that instead.

Thanks for playing!

I like this idea a lot! I think you should balance the game though because the Gonzo's (predators) are way too powerful and if you let loose even one it can easily reproduce and devour the Popi's. I think you should make it so that to reproduce, the Gonzo's must eat 3 Popi's instead of just one.

I'll rate your game when I have time!

Thank you for playing :p

The vacuum sound was very annoying I know sorry :/

The tutorial I heard was pretty confusing yeah, Yän played my game on stream and he was so confused at first on what to do, because the turn arrows are pretty confusing, and also, just reading a whole block of text is not the most intuitive thing ever.

Thank you for giving the feedback by the way, I appreciate that you took the time to rate and give a detailed comment!

Nice game, but I wish I got more feedback for killing/shooting enemies, and maybe the enemies should also have some sort of health bar or indicator to how much health is left.

Wow, really polished and well made for a scratch game! The only thing I can say is that if the red square is under the middle floating platform and you are on top, it will never get you because its just trying to go up. But that's hard to get around as pathfinding in scratch I can imagine is very hard. Very nice!

Thank you so much! Makes my day to here that this was somebody's favorite game! As for the vacuum noises, sorry about that, I know they are annoying but I realized after the jam because I didn't really have time to test the game. I actually had an original version without any noises but  since we had an extra hour for submissions, I decided to quickly add some noises but didn't get any time to test to see if the noises were actually good or not. And yeah the vacuum should've also been faster, it can feel slow and boring sometimes waiting for the vacuums to do their thing and get to where they need to be.

Thanks for playing though!

Nice game, a little hard to understand but it's still good. The visuals were amazing though! Especially the random effects like the trail behind the player and the main menu's polish was so nice!

Thanks so much for playing and giving detailed feedback/

Wow, an enjoyable captcha. That's something I've never seen before. Nice game, simple idea but very fun!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, other comments too talk about the terrible vacuum noises haha, and yeah, I should've left some time for adding some music. Thanks for the rest of the feedback too!

Thank you for playing the game! Yeah, the font should've been pixel art like it is on the game thumbnail.

Thank you, I just rated your game too! This is my game

Wow, that was amazing. This really shows that a game doesn't need to be long or complex or have lots of levels or anything to be good. This one is so good without any of those!

Greetings, The Greetings Cult.

This game was certainly one of the best I played, especially thanks to the great story and of course, the creativity that went into creating this masterpiece.

Well done!

Yeah only 11 ratings so far and it's just amazing!

Really nice game, I like it! How does this only have 10 ratings??? The only thing I'll say is sometimes the background can be a little distracting, maybe make the background elements much dimmer than the foreground elements. But other than that this game is just so good, I'm amazed!

Cool game!

I'll play your game and rate it!

This one is mine:

Really nice idea of using AI art, also the voice actor was really nice!

Nice game, it's very polished and I like the visuals.

I appreciate that you took the time to try out my game and give feedback! The speed of the vacuum is really slow actually, not your attention span haha, if I ever make a post-jam version, I will either make the speed faster or just have a speed setting as you said. I do wish I had time to polish also, I would've made the vacuum cleaner sounds not cut every few seconds like they currently do, and of course added some sound effects like a win sound or something.

Thank you for playing!

I'm not sure why that bug is happening for you where you can't remove blocks, are you sure you were right clicking? Because to remove a block you have to right-click on the block you want to remove. I tested it myself and it should be working... Note, to remove blocks you also have to not be in play mode, you can press space to reset the vacuums to their original starting positions and then you can place or remove blocks.

As for the other way of solving the levels, that's actually intentional, nice job finding that way

Thank you! Your teams stream was fun to watch also!

Thank you for playing :p

That would actually be a pretty good idea!

Nice game!

Thank you :)