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I have a little game I’m submitting that I’ve made already. It’s a gm-less game of hitch-hiking ghosts putting their pasts to rest.

Thank you for the review! I appreciate the time spent and thoughtful commentary.

I heard about this game on Twitter and I'm excited to take a look at this creator's other games, because this is a genuine delight. "It's Time To Plant The Beans" has a lovely aesthetic and laid back presentation. The object of the game is grow cats from "beans" (referencing kitty toe beans) as they have, in this world, been altered so that they must be grown as crops.

The gameplay occurs over "rounds" where you stack dice to grow your cat beans according to special rules dictated by one of six weather types. This can disrupt your growing beans and cause them to start regrowing. Each day you journal the day's results and should you successfully grow a kitty, you journal the description of that cat, whether they are adopted off the farm, or stay on with you. Alternately, you can draw your successfully grown cat!

The final set of rules give rough suggestions on how long to play or playing as something to do between your turns during other games you might be playing. Overall, "Plant The Beans" feels very successful at being what it set out to be: a chill hybrid dice-stacking/journaling game about growing cats. Definitely pick it up and give it a try.

Hi there! Definitely would like to submit my PWYW game A Trip Down Cemetery Lane as part of the supporters. I've been away from Itch and PC in general trying to help with local direct action and want to show my support. Thank you.

What a fun little Lasers and Feelings hack! With summer coming to an end, this scratched an itch that was popping up like seasonal Halloween stores.

Looks really cool! Good luck!

Hello! My name is Jason Clark. I've been playing RPGs for almost 30 years now. Mainly games like D&D, and Exalted. I'm used to doing heavy homebrew on all of them and have been very interested in working on my own games. I'm using RPGenesis to force myself into putting some of these ideas down on paper into a format that is actually playable instead of just wondering what if.
I also write science fiction and fantasy on the side, and work in construction sales as a day job.

Hello! My name is Jason. I'm a newcomer to the community. I've been playing RPGs for almost 30 years now, usually as DM/GM. I've mostly played Dungeons and Dragons, and Exalted, but in the last few years I've been much more interested in small indie games, and write a column based around finding games people outside the community may have never heard of.

i've had a couple systems and settings bouncing around in my head for some time now. When I saw RPGenesis, I decided to take the leap and use the deadline to force myself to write one of the games I've only ever had hurried notes for ideas on.

Outlaws on the Steam Frontier is a game that takes place on the edge of an invasion.  An empire, The Confederacy of Steam, has set its eyes on conquering your home, exploiting your people, and seeking out ancient relics of great power in the ruined cities of your ancestors. You play as an Outlaw on the run from the Confederacy's military and their legions of hired killers. You avoid staying in one place too long, and rely on support networks to keep you alive and supplied while you sabotage the Confederacy's plans.

I've been thinking about a card based conflict resolution system based on the casino game Blackjack and I think I've figured out the right way to present it. Characters themselves are defined by four basic Abilities, four Ideals, and their Resources (attachments and items that help them overcome conflicts others might not.) There are mechanics to guide the narrative built in, with players awarding each other for upholding their Ideals - those points being spent on deepening relationships between the players and the antagonists - building to climactic Showdowns with their Nemesis and riskier missions to stop the agents of the enemy that they find the most interesting.

I'm hoping I can get it all under wraps by the deadline - I only realized the game jam was happening by halfway through it and I have an awful lot to get down and plotted out, even just for a playable bare-bones game, and I'm hoping to have time to write up lore for this world I've been imagining. Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck to all of you!