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In response to your question, I've added a zip version which can be used if people don't want to use the installer.

I made this using MonoGame (with C# as the language).

Thanks. I wasn't any better at your game than it sounds like you were at mine, but I thought it was well designed with a premise I hadn't seen before.

Thanks for your feedback about the frame rate. I'll look into it. Also, I appreciate the invite to the Game Development World Championship. I'll consider submitting my game.

That's great. Thanks for the quick reply and the very useful response.

Forgive me if the answer to this is obvious (I've never been involved in a Gameboy jam before). I understand we have to stick to the original colours and the original resolution. However, given the width/height ratio of the Gameboy screen is different to a computer screen (16:14.4 rather than 16:9 or 4:3) this suggests that the game won't take up the full screen (unless stretched one way more than the other).  Do we have to design the games not to run in full screen or can we make them run on full screen but with the game itself running inside a "game window" which is the correct resolution and uses the correct colours, with a border around it filling in the rest of the space which wouldn't be part of the actual game (and could therefore potentially use different colours to distinguish it)?