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Brandon Schapekahm

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Recent community posts

The pacing was great, and the message in the end was dark, but makes a good point. I'm trying to be vague for a reason, because people should experience it for themselves. Great work!

Haha! I knew it didn't look completely wrong, but there was something a bit strange about it. I also spell grey 'grey' so maybe my English is just a bit more British than it is US.

I survived, but made all sorts of noises along the way. I really enjoyed the choices and outcomes, and the artwork is fantastic!

I conquered the Dark Castle! The art, music, and camera transitions create a great atmosphere.

I love the way you navigate an interact with the world, very cool concept. The story and descriptors were quite entertaining, I had myself a good laugh.

Dissolving people was fun until I realized I was trying to get them to the other side. I just really liked the dissolve animation. Although the guys waving their arms to the beat was quite nice as well. Cool game!

This is seriously my 6 year old son's favorite game right now. He played through it 3 times in a row one day. So good.

Such a rich and entertaining experience. Great work!

Great style and very enjoyable to play.

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you checked it out.

You know, you can't just go through life murdering everything and thinking you will win. There is a way to get some actual credits and a "Congratulations" screen, which is only slightly tied to the murdering of things.