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Congratu-friggam-ulations, I'm proud of you! You've done it Matehhh, the best mod to ever come out for Hardware Tycoon :)

so far..


I like the graphs

I also like the foreshadowing 

Some are visual, some are in the code...

I feel like telling you more would just ruin the flow......

There are a lot more than two easter eggs...


Holy, bloody crap is 0.3 ambitious. Biggest update so far??)

No thank you Haxor. A normal man would've given up hope on this game long before this point if they'd experienced even a fraction of the issues you've faced in the last 5 years.

Let's hope the next 5 don't break your mind as much, eh?

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Wow, very cool Hax😎r !! I calculate that 0.2.10 has increased my virtual happiness by at least 15%! Please take this virtual pat on the back from me, as a virtual reward :)

(I'd give it to you in Discord but I don't have access to my account right now, I'm a very bad moderator, I'm sowwy. Please feed my tatsugotchi for me 🥺👉👈)

That's what he wants you to think..

That trailer was...breathtaking!

Glad it's finally out man, you deserve an Oscar for this!

now give me back breath or i sue


Get hyped lads

"That's all. Update coming this year. (Hopefully before December.)"


Lol no I'm kidding please update the game, I wuv it

Some of the changes occur, only when in the CPU creation menu. Other than that, I don't know what you're on about, so I don't know what to say

Hey! I think I found the answer as to why this is happening (this is based on my own findings and Haxor is yet to verify). I think it's literally all down to a patchy internet connection. Or an internet connection that went down at some point while you were playing the game. I'm still checking this out however, and it could be something else, so don't be surprised if I come back and retcon this, but I think this is why that bug occurs. Hope this helps and/or satisfies your curiosity!

Okay yeah Haxor's going to have to answer that one. I know the music stops if you alt tab and don't click on the game window to play once again. Other than that I have no clue. Sorry!

Press the home button, next to delete on your keyboard. Hopefully it fixes that. Either that, or switch to a new browser. Hope this helps!

Yep, everything is authed on Mod DB, you should be able to download it from there!

You have to assign a keybinding (open console) in the settings menu. It works while you're playing, not on the main menu

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After 2 years (on the East Coast), it was finally time to update my mod. Yeah, it's been a while. Sorry I suppose. 

Well, it's here, and it brings a brand new UI for Hardware Tycoon! It also, as per usual, replaces all in-game competitors with their real-life counterparts and also replaces their CPUs with their real-life equivalents (or as close as some can get).

In contrast with the last version, no CPU specs have been altered, in the interest of maintaining game balance. Furthermore, no new competitors nor CPUs have been added *yet*, in pursuit of, again, maintaining game balance.


It comes with an easy-to-use installer that does all the work for you, just point it to the Hardware Tycoon folder!

Well, I hope you enjoy the mod! It can be found on this page


!!!!!! - If the command requires a numeric value like: “set money 2000” you need to type “set money” hit enter and then enter the value of whatever you need!!!!

Command list:

enable cheats (needed to change things like money and time)
set money
set month
set date
set year

override cpu tuning menu open (opens cpu tuning menu so you can create cpus without having an architecture)

override cpu tuning single core

override cpu tuning multi core

override cpu tuning node

override cpu tuning clockspeed

override cpu tuning cores

Commands that don’t require cheats

show fps overlay
hide fps overlay
main menu
objectcount benchmarkbar (for debugging purposes to see when the game gets laggy in the benchmark menu)
current fps

Sorry, AMD will always beat you to it


*Thanks, ill keep working on it!

Moar enthusiasm pls!


Hopefully my music isn't trash!

P.S  It probably is...

"ps. 0.2.6 made the game super easy"

Yeah, that's become a meme now.

I think you have to download the new version, but I could be wrong

Wait...Your haxor's dad????

Tech grows on trees?

So server farms...

And Intel...

OHHHHHHHHH! That's sooo cool! No wonder why Moore's law always is true! Moore money, means Moore trees, means Moore power!