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Command list:

enable cheats (needed to change things like money and time)
set money
set month
set date
set year

override cpu tuning menu open (opens cpu tuning menu so you can create cpus without having an architecture)

override cpu tuning single core

override cpu tuning multi core

override cpu tuning node

override cpu tuning clockspeed

override cpu tuning cores

Commands that don’t require cheats

show fps overlay
hide fps overlay
main menu
objectcount benchmarkbar (for debugging purposes to see when the game gets laggy in the benchmark menu)
current fps

!!!!!! - If the command requires a numeric value like: “set money 2000” you need to type “set money” hit enter and then enter the value of whatever you need!!!!

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I changed a bunch of stuff but I don't know how to access them

You have to assign a keybinding (open console) in the settings menu. It works while you're playing, not on the main menu

Some of the changes occur, only when in the CPU creation menu. Other than that, I don't know what you're on about, so I don't know what to say