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Hi Allen, I've tried to reach you on discord about the xmas bundle - not sure if you've seen the message. But please check it out and follow the link to approve the bundle :)

Thanks :) really appreciate all the positive feedback!

Thank you! Its a lot of fun to try and polish and extended it, Im having a blast doing it :)

Thanks :) yeah wolfenstein and doom were big inspirations to put this together, hope you try it out and if you do let me know what you thought of it :)

Thanks for the tip :)

Thanks :) I’ve tested out the strafing a bit, it does change up it a bit. Gonna rework some maps for the new enemy type, I think strafing can be cool for that. Thanks again for the positive feedback!

Thanks :) Yeah go for it! Would be fun to see some custom creations :)

Thanks again :) Really appreciate it!

Yeah I'll be sure to post something once I get around to fixing the controls, I'll probably try and roll it into the same release as the new enemy. If you enjoyed the game then would you consider giving it a rating? Really helps! Can drop a rating at

I dont think that should be very hard to add, I might try it out and add as an alternative control scheme for the game when I get into adding the new enemy. Can try it out and see how it feels.

Thanks a million for the kind words :) truely appreciate it!

Hehe nawh sounds fair to me :) The enemies do more damage to you the closer they are when they shoot you so trying to take them out from a far is sort of encouraged. I think this is how most old school shooters done it and yeah I think it works pretty well, puts you a bit on the edge if the enemies start getting to close to you.

Yeah I thought about adding in some mechanic for strafing but I think it would be quite cumbersome given the playdates controls. It is designed so you can overpower an enemy by continously shooting at him he wont have time to fire back as long as you keep shooting him.

I have some plans for a new enemy though which will be bigger and more brutal that will require some more tactical approach to kill :)

Cool :) Not to hard I hope? Difficulty tweaking is tricky. I think the Kalashnikov should be on the third map :)

wait no more :) I updated a couple of maps today to have some nice open air spaces :)

Yepp, it is a raycasting 3D engine :) was a bit tricky to get it to run good on the playdate but a lot of fun too :)

Hi! Yeah its pretty hard to reach out to the community of playdate gamers, there are some on the ”playdate” reddit forum and on a couple of discord channels. I do have some more ideas for the game so I might add a couple of more things. I really like working on it :) hope you enjoy the game! Cheers :)

Been playing it some more, I think this might be my new favourite one on playdate. Its really satisfying when you get into a good run. Thanks a lot for this one!

Ah cool its finally out, been looking forward to this one! Really been enjoying it so far, nicely done!

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I did submit it to the catalog but was’nt accepted, I think my game might be a bit to rich in violence to pass their guidlines unfortunately 

I love it! Thanks a lot for adding it in, its pretty much exactly what I wanted.

something like that would be nice :) I would guess there are quite a lot of old Jezzball fans out there and would be a nice option to have if it isnt to much work to add it in :)

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Finally someone made a jezzball game :)

I would appreciate if you would add a ”vanilla mode” to the game though, while I appreciate the effort with all the new stuff and new enemies and such I personally wanna play something as close as possible to the original one. 

Doing the tutorial is a must before playing this game, as it adds a mechanic to control the speed of cutting line. Also the turorial shows how to use powerups which is required to progress in the game. Its quite a hard game but defently good fun!

Great game, defently one of my favourites so far. You should put a price on it, its worth paying money for it.

One suggestion I would make - make it possible to launch the ball using the d-pad up arrow - makes it a bit nicer to play with the crank. A music track could be cool to :)

Thanks for an awesome game!

Thanks :) Happy to hear you like it!

Alright, happy to hear that :) hope you enjoy the game!

All and any feedback on it is muchly appreciated!

Hi Mike!

To play the game all you need is the pdx file (or rather the zip file). You should be able to head over to and login to your account, then go to sideload, choose a file and just upload the .zip file ( and wait for it to finish uploading.

After that you should find it in the play date device, just gotta refresh the list of games and then download it.

Sometimes I think it can glitch out if your updating a game (ie you already have it installed and wanna update). If that happens I would suggest removing it on the device and in your sideload page and just upload it again. Saved data should still remain)

Cool game :) Looking forward to the full release. Something I would suggest is adding support to use d-pad to spin the tube , I prefer using the d-pad. So unless you already bound the d-pad left/right to some special feature adding support to use it would be nice

Very cool game, really have enjoyed it. But I also struggle with the difficulty. I have checked the ”more savepoints” but I still run out of lives and then you have to restart the whole game. I think you should add an ”infinite lifes” toggle. I get that the game should be hard, but I see little reason to not let people who bought it being able to play through it as they wish. Id really like to get past the first boss but with the limited nr of lifes I dont think it’ll happen.

Thanks for a great game and yeah for anyone looking for a good platformer this is one of em.

Thanks :)

Yeah, I feel you. I feelt bit sad that none of my games made it into catalog playdate store either :(

But I think lots and lots of ppl are gonna keep buying from itch, I’ve only bought games from itch myself. 

Amazing game, you really nailed the classic here. Muchly appreciated!

Nyandanoid community · Created a new topic Lovely classic!

Awesome game, thanks for making it! I love these classics.

If I could make a suggestion it would be to try and improve the paddle movement when using they d-pad. The crank is fun and all, but for this game I much prefer using the d-pad and I'd like it to move as smoothly as it does when using the crank.

My first buy :) I love it! Graphics, music and sound effects are spot on. Well done!


Sorry to hear you didnt like it :( 

As for not saving the progress - you probably played an older version as from the latest version (1.4 and 1.41) the game now saves your latest checkpoint.

I cant really speak to the other game you mention, but I think 5$ is a fair price given that the game has a wide variety of graphics, individual levels that are all unique both in terms of graphics and gameplay - but yeah its all very individual.

Thanks :) I am tuning the jumping, I agree that the air hang time feels a bit like the cat is on the moon in the teaser demo. I think I will be able to get an early access version out soon, just needs to be a bit more stuff to play through :)

Hi :) Thanks for trying it out!

In the first demo here you can only walk from the sofa at the far left and right up till the wall where there is a bathtub on the other side. There are no intentional gaps where you can walk between. The full game will be more fleshed out though :)

Its just a little demo to let people get their hands on it and see what they think. Im working on a better demo for the first level, I think I will get that one out by the weekend. So check back in once in a while to see what more is coming :)

Thanks, really means a lot!

Wow! Super cool video! Loved how you made your own art for it. Thanks for taking the time to make the video and showing the game :)

Looks like an awesome game :) Didnt realise there was already a game with ”nom” in the title, hope you dont mind me sticking with my ”nom nom” :)

Thank you :) I really appreciate the positive feedback. Glad you like it and keep checking back in, I do little updates on this game every now and then.

Love the graphics, looks very cool :)

Thanks Martin! I think the sideloading hassle should be resolved now.