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Love the graphics, looks very cool :)

Looks super cool! Since I still haven't received my playdate I dont mind the wait, looking forward to see what you guys are doing with this one!

Thanks Martin! I think the sideloading hassle should be resolved now.

Thanks! Got a couple of more ideas for it, a couple of more enemy types and some sort of "boss" would be cool to add as well.

Hi LowtekGames - sent you a message on twitter :) I think I have a fix for this but I'd really like to verify it first so trying to get someone to try uploading it through the web browser. I sent you a link with the fixed version, if you got a chance to try it out let me know, that would be awesome. Then I know I can post my new build to itch as well with the proper metadata (pdxinfo).

I will get to fixing it so you can sideload it from the web too, I've just not gotten around to it yet. My apologies for that

I think I've heard that happening if you try to sideload it using the web-browser, have you tried sideloading it with usb from computer?

Hi :) Thanks for taking the time! I know the controls are a bit awkward, there is an alternative control scheme to use the mouse. I guess top-down games like these are best played with a controller. Would be nice to hear some feedback on my other one "Splash Splash" (its at Its very helpful to actually get feedback from someone trying it out for real. Anyways, thanks for taking the time and playing my game!

Reminds me of celeste. You should add the ability to jump with another key than up (why not space or something), would make controlling it easier. Graphics, feel and sound is pretty good though!

Hi Kelci, seems your instagram is not up any more. You still around? Thought I'd check out if you were perhaps interested in doing some work on visual novels.

Just a tip. Yes, Pugi is only an XML parsing library, but that is pretty much all you need (my opinon - others may vary). I guess one could go with tinyXML2 too. The ones refed just struck me as having both zlib + bsd license and extra dependencies (ex zlib and tinyXML) that seems a bit unnecessary to do such a simple task.

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A suggestion: add pugixml (C++ lib) for reading back the tiled maps to your recommendations. Its much more lightweight than the others you recommend on your site and has easier to understand + free to use license. No extra external dependencies and very easy to use.

Hi Thorbjorn,

I've bought your editor (it works great!) and Im using it for my AstroDucks games. Can I redistribute the tiled editor with my game or is there some other way I can make it possible for players to use it? I think a great aspect is that people can make their own maps for the game.



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Have'nt tried it out yet, just saw it from the DUSK twitter. Watched the youtube video though - it looks amazing! I love the art-style. It made me think of a love child between doom and commander keen! Have you shown this to the old ID team? Im sure Tom would love it

Really loved the facial expressions of the character!