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Thank you so much for playing through so far!!

The restart level button suggestion is really nice! We're working on expanding the game and debugging (at the speed of life, sadly), so letting us know about those issues is valuable. Thanks again!

Thanks for noticing! There was a lot of love put into the opening frames. And aside from getting around tile restrictions (a lot of backgrounds had to be reduced ad hoc to fit the 192 tile restriction) there's a lot of polishing up to do. But it will come!

Thank you! I've seen that you were reviewing all the submissions. Your comment means a lot!
I hope to come back to this and polish it up after the judging is over.

Good work on this so far! I like the sneak peeks of Boo and... Termina???

The castle interior looks great!

It's been a while it the works, but the update is ready. Just another star added for now, but a lot of platforming mechanics had to be figured out. The file for the GB Studio project is also updated.

Yes... jumping in the top-down sections is super tricky. Disabling directional movement during the animation is critical too.

I made some updates to mine (incorporating some side-scrolling sections). Feel free to use more of the assets, since you might be moving along a lot faster with your project!

Wow! This is really cool! Happy to hear I helped. I like all the work you did on the rest of the game world. I also think the SMB3 sprite is a solid choice.

I'm planning to update the game with more of Bobbom Battlefield in the next week or so, so if you need anything else, feel free to take it (I'm curious what you'll think of my recreation of SM64 trees).

What engine or tools are you using? I was just using vanilla GB Studio.

I'll check it out!


That's a great idea! Thank you!

I've worked with multi-sprites like that before, and it's a perfect situation to do so since it's just scripted movement. I think there is room for 3 more actors, so that could make for a good update.

Excellent point! Is there a default option in vanilla GB Studio 2.0 to auto advance text?

Banger alert!

(Storyboarding is really good too)

Love the skyline done in GB, and the logo is sweet!

I love the mix of cinematic scenes and teaser "gameplay". Very fun!

Thanks for the interest! The download is just the GBstudio project file for now. I'm working on an update, and I can include that in the download folder on the next update.

I got the hang of it after a few tries. The need to screen wrap at the beginning was frustrating.

I like the look of the game and moving around is fun, but the mashy infini-jump is weird, and collisions seem to be just a suggestion. My blaster didn't seem to work on anything either.

Would like to see it as a full game and get through more levels!

Simplistic but fun. I like the concept and look of it.

The kill plane for the donuts is a bit high. I would try to swing down to catch a donut only to have it disappear before hitting the bottom of the stage. It's a small gripe but a bit jarring.

Cute game, but a bit on the shallow side. Feels like I'm playing an old Tiger Electronics game.

I think I got a high score by mashing up and down simultaneously and busting out of the collision on the top.

The throwback, lo-fi feel is intentional, but I could put some more into the backgrounds, for sure!

Yes, they are very stickly and pixely.

Thanks! I hope to spruce it up in the future.

There's a little tutorial at the beginning which you can scroll through with left and right. The short of it is, you use A to pick up one character and the A or B to toss one of them. Depending on the button, the arc of the throw will be different. Then when they are separated, you can use Select to switch places, and then press A when they're close to rejoin.

That's too bad! Was there a specific aspect that was a hangup?
(Also I love what you do with palettes in GB studio!)

Thanks for the feedback!
I'm still tweaking the throw mechanics. GB Studio locks movement of non-player sprites to a grid, but player walking is flexible, so it can be a bit disjointed and that throw spacing is a byproduct. Hopefully I'll figure something out.
As for the push block issue, I can't figure out a clean way, aside from lots of bruteforce coding, to get collisions on a block in GB studio. If anyone has used GB studio and has a work around, I am all ears.
The clipping issue is completely news to me! I'll try to fix that (but it's also kinda cool).

You can press select (left shift) to switch characters once you've thrown one of them. I think that's in the initial controller instructions if you scroll left and right at the beginning. Let me know if that's not working

This was really neat! I look forward to more levels!

The difficulty ramped at a nice pace. The last levels with the half-step block were good challenges!

The music started to drive me a little crazy, but it's the right type of song for the genre I think. Something a bit more kinetic might match your aesthetic though.

All in all, it was really fun!

This was really awesome! The progression is solid for a game this short. It was fun to zip around the caves. The music and cinematic elements were great too.
I also would have wanted at least a "?" after "game over" at the end, but I had fun!

You'll need a Mod Tracker to open the song, but if you just need to use it in a game, then you can find it in the downloadable zip I made accessible here on the game page. It should be in the assets/music folder.

Glad you liked it! I've shared the build of the game and you can find the sprites in the assets folder.

Thanks! That's where I put the most time, for better or for worse :)

Thank you for the thorough glitch hunt! Yes, I still have some bugs to work out, and I really appreciate you finding them.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

Nope... Just a flimsy, paper-y Mario sprite with a hammer living in a SM64 world...