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I have a bug report relating to the a0.15 release.  In the section of code where Oswin responds to your questions, there are several dialogue trees that never trigger because the KeywordCheck function is passed an array rather than a nested array.  For instance, asking about Benson being creepy gives generic Benson dialogue instead of the dialogue specific to calling Benson creepy.  A search in that section of code for ([" should help you to find instances of this bug.

The client metadata seems to be missing from the recent Adastra uploads to the website; because of this, the desktop client for Windows still thinks that version 9 is the most recent version (presumably, this issue also exists on other platforms since all of the version 10 uploads appear to lack this metadata).

Is there any chance that this could be fixed?

It seems that the uploads for the Echo VN lack the metadata that the desktop client uses to figure out which download corresponds to any given OS.  As such, using the desktop client to download the VN is not currently possible.

Might this be something that could be fixed?

It seems that the way that the files for Tennis Ace aren't uploaded to the servers, which prevents the use of the Itch client to manage the game's download and updates (attempting to do so results in an error message of "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website").  Downloading and running the game on Windows (without uisng the Itch client) works as expected, but the ability to use the Itch client in order to manage the game's updates would be preferable.

Is this something that might be addressed in the future?