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It released yesterday on Steam - as a backer, haven't heard anything about an release yet so probably best to buy it on there!

I got recommended this game a few weeks ago in a forum discussion and having binged s1 and what there is of s2 so far, I absolutely adore it!!! 

NB Roe and Chris have such a complicated romance and I really love how natural all the angst between the two of them feels, because it'd all be so complicated even without the supernatural aspects. Can't wait to see more of them and the rest of the group when you update!

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I'm really impressed by the work you've done migrating the game to a new extension program, let alone the new chapter (which I'm just getting to and will edit this comment once I'm done). It works a lot more smoothly and just on a technical level it's very impressive, especially since you've done it in less than eighty days!

Heads up though, I've noticed two glitches - the log screen shows up behind the text box, which obscures a fair bit of the "close" button, and when you go to overwrite a save in the new save screen, the prompt shows up underneath the save screen, so you can't see it until you've exited the save screen and you need to press the escape key just to let yourself click things again after the initial glitch.

Edit: so having finished the new chapter, I think the new content is fantastic and generally well-programmed. However, there is an issue with the choice of drink whilst talking to Erik in chapter 3 where it essentially runs you through all the choices and forces you through the water dialogue in the end.

The previous content, as other people have mentioned since my comment, does have issues with the implementation into the new extension editor, but I genuinely think that could mostly be resolved by a thorough patch before chapter 3's release. 

I've also gone back and found an issue, as mentioned by another commentator, that the log will exclude recent dialogue. I think this only occurs after you open the log window a second time, and even then it will sometimes show text after the first time you opened it, but it's still significantly behind the current text. 

This seems like a more complicated issue, if only because I can't seem to find a consistent pattern in how it works, but it's been an issue even after I closed and reopened the new version, although it did work successfully the very first time I opened it.

If you do end up doing a Kickstarter, I'll be glad to back it if I'm in a situation to, regardless of which game you end up doing it for. Personally, I think the Rose sequel might be more successful, if only because you already have the first game to point to as a sign if you can successfully develop and publish a game. And that way you could bundle the first game in with it for the mid-range tiers (£30-50, I guess?) or otherwise have it as a backers' extra they can pick on top of whichever tier they choose.

I've seen quite a lot of people recommend having a Tumblr blog to promote whichever game you choose, and I second this. Just one word of warning though - I know more than a few devs who've burnt themselves out answering asks on Tumblr in addition to working on the game at the same time. I'd recommend trying hard to balance that (because it can be surprisingly difficult), and potentially prioritising asks on updates (probably just linking to the most recent KS one) and other asks that only need a short answer. The Wayhaven tumblr is probably good for this, because the dev's answers to LI reacts asks is usually one sentence per LI, even if it's a Choice game instead of a VN. It's a quick and easy way of appeasing fans, from what I've seen, although I imagine it can be pretty useful from a writer's perspective too.

Also, most KS devs do well with a monthly update - Quantum Suicide is a good example of one that's been considerably delayed (the sole dev got divorced and had to stop work temporarily for legal reasons during the divorce), but most of the backers are happy because we get regular updates, even if it's "not much happened". Same with Zodiac Axis and Lake of Voices, since I backed both of them and found the dev-backer communication pretty satisfying. It also might give you some ideas for how to layout the process of developing to your backers, if that helps? 

Yeah I'm a backer too (nowhere near as high tier as you though) and my main concern is the creator. I get burnout and I get mental health issues all too well, and I realise it must be really demoralising for Agashi to potentially open another update with "sorry for disappearing". I know because I've been there (not with anything as high stakes as developing a Kickstarter game). She was also super helpful when I didn't receive the wallpapers, so I'm totally aware that she cares a ton about this project.

I followed the Queen's Crown tumblr until that stopped being updated after the first disappearance, and I remember being concerned with burnout even then. I know those types of "character reacts" blogs are very popular, with Ebon Light doing something similar, but it was being updated very regularly and the only ones I see update that regularly... are the short-lived ones. That being said, aside from someone saying her twitter updated in early December, no one's heard from her in ages - even, "hi guys I'm alive but there's been little progress on the game" would be useful. A lot of successful KS games usually do monthly updates - Zodiac Axis is an example of one even when the updates are "we've had to take a giant step backwards" they always update. And I think if Agashi returns to this project (assuming she's left it a little), that sort of routine might be helpful to both us backers and herself. I don't care if Queen's Crown is perfect or not, hell at this stage whether it gets finished or not (though I think Agashi probably still wants to) - regular updates, even if it comes to "sorry I have to abandon this project, here's the half-finished game", are all we need.

I'm one of the backers, and I think release has probably been delayed quite a bit. One of the backer tiers involves early access to the final release (hence the entire countdown thing, I think), and none of them have apparently heard anything. I want to believe the best, but given the last Kickstarter update was in November... I'm not exactly feeling confident. At the very least, it feels very unprofessional to have not even told anyone what's going on when the game is so late without any news whatsoever. I get that sending out an update saying "sorry people, the game's delayed again" might be rather demoralising for the dev(s), but it's demoralising for us backers to go nearly 5 months without a single update - and I know there's been updates on Tumblr, but it's bloody infuriating we've been told borderline nothing through Kickstarter for so long.