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I'm one of the backers, and I think release has probably been delayed quite a bit. One of the backer tiers involves early access to the final release (hence the entire countdown thing, I think), and none of them have apparently heard anything. I want to believe the best, but given the last Kickstarter update was in November... I'm not exactly feeling confident. At the very least, it feels very unprofessional to have not even told anyone what's going on when the game is so late without any news whatsoever. I get that sending out an update saying "sorry people, the game's delayed again" might be rather demoralising for the dev(s), but it's demoralising for us backers to go nearly 5 months without a single update - and I know there's been updates on Tumblr, but it's bloody infuriating we've been told borderline nothing through Kickstarter for so long.