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Beautiful game! great idea!

Wow! great game! reminds me a bit :) Good job!

I loved this mechanic! Good job!

I loved the game, simple and fun and in 3D :) I missed the explanation of the controls.

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Hi! Thanks for the feedback, and that's why I made some changes! :)

  • Pressing Enter starts the game and try again.
  • Pressing Backspace returns you to the title screen.
  • Decreases the time between Rounds so you don't have to wait so long.
  • I removed the heart at the top, because it's just one life ;P
  • Changed the name "Game Over" to "You lost".
  • Removed an annoying "onclick" error.

That's what I could improve, Thank you ;)

I loved this game! :D

What a great animation and art! My congratulations for the game! : D

published :)

I got lost at first, but then I liked it! Good job! :)

published :)

Scare lol! Good job!

Great work!

Great game! There are some easy enemies and some more difficult ones.

I loved the mini map system and it has great gameplay and well done UI

I'm republishing an old game to be played for free, remembering that the game was discontinued in 2020. 

This was a game that gave me a lot of learning and I have a special affection.

Giving up makes it a paid project to focus on other projects and mature.

I couldn't run, it crashes when playing in the simulation, it could have an initial world generated to have a basis of what the result is like.

Muito bom!