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Michael Moldovan

A member registered Mar 08, 2018

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I ran into a bug in the GTA scene. I was pushed outside the wall and unable to continue :b

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Although the simplicity of the game (rather a lack of narrative) does add to the experience as well.

Okay, So this game has some bugs and could use a bit of polish... However, the idea you have behind this game is actually brilliant. You end up creating your own staircase to ascend to other planets. every time you fall or backtrack to a farm you need to re-navigate the platforms you've laid out for yourself. I think with a bit more content (I've spent hours in the content you already have) and maybe a simple narrative/objective this game could be a masterpiece.

In all seriousness, I lost countless hours to fishy and to see it reimagined in this way kind of blows my mind

This is a beautiful recreation of Fishy? A game that had a simple concept but horrible flash graphics? You mad GENIUS.