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My brother showed me this game a few years ago in early development. First time I had seen this concept done so well! Super excited for what is to come!

Thanks dude! I had a lot of fun just drawing the frog! I was surprised how many ideas I had for this kind of game and will definitely continue to develop it into the future.

Ah, yeah those flies were a little buggy (lmao). Thanks for the feedback! Dealing with multiple monitors is always difficult for me to predict because there's so many of them out there. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out a fix for future projects.

Visuals are incredible! Everything about this game is satisfying and fun! Great work!

Wow! This was so much fun! Spent a half hour but could easily spend multiple hours on this. The combos are so satisfying to pull off and the visuals are so responsive! Excellent work! This might be my favorite submission so far!

Super crunchy fx and sprites! This one is really impressive for a 72 hour jam! Great work!

I love the frog animations!

Thanks so much for the feedback! I like the idea of an instant response from the crosshair. I really enjoyed making this project and plan to polish it up a bit in the future!

Dude! This is a really nice little project. The aesthetic is consistent and beautiful in its own way! Difficulty is fair for a puzzle platformer and I had fun trying to complete the game!

Thank you so much for a detailed review of my game!!! The sound effects right now randomize pitch when they are played! Later on this will only be used for certain sound effects but I'm happy you noticed and appreciated it in the menu! I know that allowing the player to flip directions on the launcher was just asking to break that sequence :b but I am glad you mentioned that it happened to you! Also, the double NPC sprite find is v valuable, I'll look into that. The third launch platform is DEFINITELY unfairly small lol. I plan to extend that as well as tweak the airborne movement to make that less of a problem. You've given me much to consider, it's hard to find such detailed feedback as a dev. I really appreciate it friend!

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Hi! Pretty good project, I played on mouse and keyboard and remaining diagonal to shoot the enemies was nearly impossible. Perhaps make a lock-on system that allows you to shoot towards the nearest enemy or maybe even just make projectiles home in a little bit on the nearest enemy. Another Thing that would really spice up gameplay would be a little dash that the player could do to avoid the bottles. As far as additional game polish, I would like to see a little bob on the character when walking just to liven him up a bit.

Thanks dude! I've put a lot of effort into it and would love for it to be a game that many people enjoy!

Hello! Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to release the entire beginning of the game, but the first mission was just designed to teach the player the platforming mechanics. I'm so glad you liked the test room! That is my idea for how most of the game will be; very combat oriented!

I agree! Gave me a deadline which motivated me to put out a demo and get feedback! Hope you guys will check out my project!

Hey thanks man! Love a little variety


I really like it! Simple, Fun, exciting ending!

HA! I love it! Great submission! I love going back at the end.

I'm a huge Heroes III Fan. This game excites me! Well done my guy! ;D

These are beautiful! Great work on the palette choice. I'll definitely use these in a demo for my game if you don't mind!!!

Like get over it but sexier

I ran into a bug in the GTA scene. I was pushed outside the wall and unable to continue :b

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In all seriousness, I lost countless hours to fishy and to see it reimagined in this way kind of blows my mind

This is a beautiful recreation of Fishy? A game that had a simple concept but horrible flash graphics? You mad GENIUS.