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Thats good... goooooooood  >:3

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Just played your game and here is my verdict (drumroll) 100000/10! cant express enough happiness paying! 

Music: Awesome

Looks amazing!

And I always chuckled to myself when a video game reference was made!


But, sadly, now your OBLIGATED to make another game in the same format with the Magikey. The people demand it!

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Love your art, sound and level design, i just have one problem though: the health packs.

Now, in about 40 minutes of play, I've only encountered 2. And I'm not sure if you find that a problem or not, It just made me a little frustrated when i died because i couldn't heal myself. Now of course other games don't have healing items, but they make they're levels shorter. If you want to keep it as rare as it is, id suggest giving it more heal, about 3 hearts.

Another thing that I, personally, would like is directional grenade shots.

This is just my opinion. Love your game, keep up the good work

Personally, and I realize im only one person, but the character seems a little to slidy. For example if im jumping to a far platform, the character seems to slide even after i release the directional arrows.

Another thing, when i was on the totorial, i just ran through the saw without getting hit. I had to go back just to make sure that the saw would hit me.

Other than that, love it! Keep up the good work!

No idea, but thanks for telling me instead of me spamming the mouse

Im not sure if this is a bug, but on the second shelf puzzel i put all the cubes on the shelf except i couldnt put the blue cube on the top shelf or any other cube. Am I missing something?

Same thing happend to me, but i was forced to start from my last save

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Thanks, the art looks great

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I was having problems starting your game. I downloaded the file, but it wasnt a. ZIP or an .EXE and you gave no instructions that can help, so... can you help? The file it gives me instead is a .rar