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Hey, love the style! Love the music! Love the Point! Love the Click!
I came to reports some of the bugs I have encountere: (I am using Chrome)

- When I encountered the ghost, he has the "HEHEHE" text above him, froze for 5 seconds, and the text box was frozen above while the other text was played over it.

- After talking to the ghost (Text box still there btw) I don't know if anything is supposed to happen (I think the ghost mentioned doors popping up?) but nothing happened, so I talked to the ghost again and he brought me to an empty space to train with a bow I never acquired. I coundn't talk to the ghost again, so I assumed I was softlocked.

Don't know if this helps, but I'll keep playing and post updates.

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Just tried resuming my game, now I'm frozen while the ghost is saying "alright, Nancy." (Edit: All I can do is check inventory)

Gonna try starting over

Just played a little more, ghost actually did some different text boxes and animations, got the bow, doors appeared... looks good so far

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Resumed and finished the top left room with no problems, then I went in the top right, went back, then into the bottom right, finished the area to the right with the archery challenge, got +2 gems, then move two areas to the left, checked the stone wall, and then the bird, then the wall again, then moved to the right and exited through the door, now I am softlocked (Specifically: Can't move, interact with anything, open inventory, return through the door I came through)

*Glitch encountered*: If you keep you mouse in the same place and spam left click, cursor will move down and wont return to its position unless you move the mouse. 

Gonna try exiting and resuming game, but I'll probably have to restart

thanks for the great feedback, much appreciated! i uploaded a new version that fixes a bunch of spam clicking issues and other general bug fixes. probably still not perfect, but hopefully this version will work better for you!