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Love your art, sound and level design, i just have one problem though: the health packs.

Now, in about 40 minutes of play, I've only encountered 2. And I'm not sure if you find that a problem or not, It just made me a little frustrated when i died because i couldn't heal myself. Now of course other games don't have healing items, but they make they're levels shorter. If you want to keep it as rare as it is, id suggest giving it more heal, about 3 hearts.

Another thing that I, personally, would like is directional grenade shots.

This is just my opinion. Love your game, keep up the good work

Thanks for the comments! Sounds like we need to adjust our code, as the health packs should be dropping from enemies more frequently. They should also have a higher chance of dropping, instead of a gun, the lower the player's health is.

They aren't in the demo, but we have "health recharge stations" that fill the players entire health and shield. They will be found at half way points in the level and will be impossible to miss based on the level design.

Noted on the grenades! We've got a few versions we're playing around with. The current ones mimic that of the Metal Slug grenades.