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Thanks for checking it out, and giving the Indie Game Buzz article a read!

Thanks Lambda! Noted on the shakiness, we haven't touched that in a while so it might be worth revisiting.

Thanks for making the video! You were killing it with those air slides! Glad to hear your experience was lag free, one of our intentions was to make a game that would run on just about any computer.

Hey Cryptic Hybrid, thanks so much for making a youtube post about our game! We really appreciate the feedback, and the time it took you to make the video. If you play again, keep in mind you can use the melee and slide actions to your advantage! Melee is a one hit kill, and sliding can let you pass underneath enemy bullets, and it can also extend your jumping distance by air sliding after a double jump. (Because the demo skips the tutorial part of the game, these actions aren't as evident to the player)

The John Wick reference is perfect by the way, as we considered that plot while making the story line for The Adventures of Sullivan.

Thanks for the comments! Sounds like we need to adjust our code, as the health packs should be dropping from enemies more frequently. They should also have a higher chance of dropping, instead of a gun, the lower the player's health is.

They aren't in the demo, but we have "health recharge stations" that fill the players entire health and shield. They will be found at half way points in the level and will be impossible to miss based on the level design.

Noted on the grenades! We've got a few versions we're playing around with. The current ones mimic that of the Metal Slug grenades.