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Recent community posts I'd like to submit this, although I am very late to the party.

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Cheers, fixed for next update.

Please post any bugs you encounter, or bugs you want added, or features you want added, or features you want removed, or ideas for new specials here, or a sixth thing here!

I like the concept, if you could punch up the environment a bit with some music, better sounds, extra combos etc I think it would be pretty fun!

Things I'd like would be if the difficulty increased a bit faster, if you could touch a column to change your symbol if your symbol is in it (using mouse input, at least, makes it kind of annoying to have to reposition when I'm looking at what's coming), maybe having the selected column highlighted to some degree - but most of all, change the hit boxes on the oncoming symbols? So that if I move columns after a set has passed, I feel it would be less frustrating when I clip the back end of one, seeing as I have no control over the speed of movement (and after moving only one column a few times, moving over to the other side gives the piece a much higher speed) and I end up clipping the top of the symbol in the column next to me.

Maybe instead of collisions ending the game, they merely deplete your score and ruin a combo (if you put that in)? That was you have more of an endless runner and something less likely to be put down when a round is over.

Baristar community · Created a new topic GENERAL FEEDBACK


Thank you for trying out the demo of Baristar! Please let me know what you think in a comment below!

That was fun! I got stuck on level 3 and none of the doors would open and there was nothing left to do, but other than that I thought everything worked together nicely. I did enjoy pushign the hearts ahead of me, just in case

This was quite enjoyable! It looked nice, controlled pretty well (though personally would prefer space as jump), and the sounds were very fitting. I didn't really enjoy the recoil as it totally messed up aiming sometimes, but the balance between building up enough score to destroy the level is a cool idea. Cheers!

The guns were very satisfying if a little OP. I like the way it felt and looked, just wish there was a bit more narrative!

Thanks for the game, pretty fun but those projectile sounds get kind of annoying after a while! You can pretty much survive every level by going to the top and pressing XCXCXCXCXCXC.

I loved the moon, it's so cute. I don't know why I like it so much, but I do.

I really liked the visuals in this, and nice job on the voice acting! I really wasn't a fan of the wall jumping, and I think bumping the speed of the player up by a good amount would make the game more fun to play! Thanks for the experience!

Wow, I loved the music. So cool. Maybe some screams and shouts would have accentuated the feel of the game, and something to do with the buildings. I felt the controls were a bit janky, but collecting up the coins after charging through a crowd was very satisfying.

Thanks for the game, I also liked the pixel art, especially the big guy near the end. However, I also couldn't do anything and was constantly getting the error. Pressing the start button before I did anything else let me at least swing the sword haha

Nice game, I liked the background and how the blood cells tried to avoid you. I think you could do with a win condition of some kind, and make it a bit harder. At the moment you can just coast along, the antibodies don't do much damage and you accidentally run into blood cells along the way. Also, maybe consider making the controls a little more responsive, or normalising the vectors before applying the force, as it is you can go very fast diagonally. Cheers!

Social distancing is too easy - let's make it harder! (While remaining safe indoors.) Why not strap some elastic around your waist and avoid being pulled towards somebody seriously infected!

Avoid, infect, or seriously inconvenience your friends with this twin stick, topically relevant, local multiplayer (don't forget about Parsec, Moonlight, NVidia Share, or Steam Remote Play!) party game. Each stick controls a poor soul who just wants to be left alone, to get away from the possibly infected, and to completely and utterly avoid those with obvious symptoms. At least they get to travel through different areas, play football, watch a logistical masterpiece of package delivery, and hoard an obscene amount of toilet paper. If your friends are stuck in another building, or worse - stuck without internet - not to fret, because you get, an isolation modette. Play vs. the AI, or see how long you can last against someone with a serious shopping habit. Best of luck, be safe, don't pick up the hearts.

Controllers recommended!

Neat idea, some of the solutions seemed a bit random, but mostly satisfying. Especially remaking breakfast.

That was quite fun, thanks! I'd change it to 'lose', not 'loose' though :)

I liked the idea, though I find it quite difficult to control the attacks. Actually love the way it looks, maybe some subtle motion or extras would make it pop a bit more. Thanks!

Hey, thank you for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll look into updating the camera and movement, and have another crack at the guitar.

I liked the pacing, fast action was very satisfying, just didn't understand the mechanics of the fighting and it made it a big frustrating sometimes. The music and sounds are on point!

Nice little game, but player input is very minimal, barely need to choose, then you press and wait. Some more options for strategy would be great. I really liked the music, nice and unsettling.

I really liked the visuals, but the second level was a bit frustrating trying to time it just right. Less like a puzzle, more like a grind kinda feel. Maybe infected NPCs could move slower?

Nice, I liked this one. I'd add in some direction, because when i'm setting up multiple guys for a plan I forget which way I'm facing. Also, I'd stop them being able to go on top of each other, it feels like it should be an easy way to group them all up and win by picking off the reddies one by one, but you die without even seeing the projectile.  The music was dope. Maybe call is Nemeses because there are more than one, and they don't seem to particular about who can kill what. I think some variation in the levels would also be better, instead of just adding more, it got a bit repetitive and the strategy didn't really change. Thanks for letting me play!

Didn't realise you could scroll on the rules page, I was similarly confused. After trying to play, halfway through , it wouldn't let me submit my choices  despite (as far as i could tell) my moves being valid. I like the idea, definitely could do with making it clearer (maybe a little guided intro to the first moves?)

It also crashes immediately for me :(

Nice! I really liked the art, the music fit, but I'd definitely add a cooldown to the turning power, or it levels up based on damage dealt - you can just sit at the end and keep turning everyone into zombies with no consequences. Nice work though, really.

Thanks for the game!

For the good guys, those white cells sure do look dodgy haha.

I liked the music, art, and the concept. But I found myself in a situation where some of the guys were half in a tile(?) and couldn't get back to being in line to move past obstacles.

Also, with short levels I don't think there's a need to pop up the menu each time, could just have the next level load?


Thanks for the game, I couldn't figure out how to actually do anything - maybe give some indication of what is interactable, or post the controls somewhere? I really liked the art, and animations, just wish the movement speed was greater. 

Thanks Joshi, I've put some colour on the buttons as per your suggestion.

Thanks for the game!

Might want to tweak the frame size on, penultimate level is hiding the cannon in the corner. Speaking of, the cannons can shoot through everything which sort of nullifies the puzzles. Moreover, the cannons sometimes don't fire, or the projectile has very low velocity despite the cursor being far away. You mentioned you had a bunch of roadblocks, good on you for getting a game out in time!

I like the music, just which it didn't restart every new level.


Haha, me too! The plan is to keep practicing until my games don't look like utter garbage. At the current rate that should be in about 32 years :)

I enjoyed the puzzles, but didn't enjoy the waiting on some of them. It did feel a little too easy, maybe you can adjust the pacing, make the later levels more difficult, or a new player who moves a bit faster?

Thanks for the game!

Thanks for the game! Actually played to the end :)

I liked the concept, but I wish it was a bit clearer what was happening at the beginning. Maybe you can draw that line to points along the vector in sequence instead of all at once, or have the laser cannon animate when they shoot? Some randomness with the rocks would also be cool, anything to change the visuals up a little.

Also liked how the hearts were mostly red herrings.

Thanks again!

I like the colour scheme, but every level except the last is basically the same! I think the speed of the game could be quickened, and some other objectives in the levels. Also, if you try to shoot at an angle, sometimes the bounce of the projectile doesn't match the angle of the aim assist line.

Thanks for the game!

PS I really dislike that font...