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Thank you for the feedback!

I'll make some adjustments after the rating are over, so I'll try to solve that problem! =D

I really love this game. The controls are nice, the art has its charm and the objetive is clear. I'm gonna make it clear here that the updated version that you sent on Discord made the game much more playable because of the difficulty in this older version. I'll list here some suggestions regarding the new version:
- For some reason, you can't warp through more than one wall. 
- Would be nice if I try to warp inside a wall, the game would warp me beside it and just "stun" as if trying to dash into. There were lots of times that I wasn't even able to warp because I pointed inside a wall or inside a Bean xD
- The walls are kind slippery, and I don't really like that. I mean, I don't like to being stuck as well, but it feels that I'm not controlling much when I'm hitting a wall.

Congrats for the game! =D

Thanks for the advice =D
I tried to do that, but I didn't know how to put a "stop" tile for that, and that was the fastest solution I had for the Jam xD
Thanks again! =D

Nice game =D
The first time I saw the transformation, I thought the vampire exploded, and everytime I transformed near an enemy, I thought they had killed me xD
It was easy to get used to that, though, so no problem about that.
I like the art and the game being procedural is nice as well =D