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The Mind's Eclipse

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Thanks so much for stopping by to leave a review! So glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for letting me know. I found a quick workaround if you are comfortable with it. You can just remove the warning flag in terminal and it'll let you play the game just fine.

Alt (option) + rightclick on the .app and copy path name and then in the terminal:

xattr -cr /Users/dcmacbookpro/Downloads/The_Minds_Eclipse-mac/

Just replace "/Users/dcmacbookpro/Downloads/The_Minds_Eclipse-mac/" with your own pathname!

For reference:

I'll get around to resigning this, I just need to pull up the old source files and re-download xcode *sigh*

Thanks so much! I hope you ended up finding the game intriguing and enjoyable. Please do share with your friends!

Hi! Thanks for reaching out.

There's two versions for download. Look for the one that is over 900mb, that's the full game.

The one that is 200-300mb that has demo in the title is probably the one you downloaded.

Let me know if its still not working and I'll dig in further!

Thank you!

Hi! Unfortunately, The Mind's Eclipse is no longer available on Steam after Aug 1st 2019.

The game will be free to download on going forward.

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Also, we released the mastered soundtrack! It is also available for free!

Wow! Thanks so much for the weekly recommendation shout-out! :-D

If you finished playing The Mind's Eclipse, please leave a comment here on what you liked/disliked so others will know if it's worth their time!


Awesome! Thank you for posting! :-D

Great! I'm glad it worked out.

Thanks for the info regarding being able to launch the steam version directly from the game folder if Steam fails to launch the game.

Do you have access to an ubuntu distro? The game was only tested for Ubuntu 16.04 for use with Steam.

Otherwise, I can send you an itch key to try the itch version. Just email me: donald AT mindseclipseinteractive DOT com


Ok! I just checked the Steam build to make sure something didn't happen to it.

Seems to run fine on my Windows 10 build. It may be a Windows 7 issue.

Can you send me an email: Donald at mindseclipseinteractive dot com

I'll send you an key to see if this build runs for you instead.



Thank you so much for taking the time to leave the game a review!

Thanks for reporting this.

Were you able to continue the game? Did it seem to be a one-off thing?

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See this topic for MacOS users running the game for the first time:

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Hey! This is some advice for mac users running Sierra or higher. When you download and launch the demo or the full game for the first time, you may get a scary message:

Simply ignore this message and instead, right-click on the app and select open:

Now, MacOS Gatekeeper will allow you to run the game. This should only be required once!

Thanks! Let us know if you have any issues! And have fun playing The Mind's Eclipse!

Our newest devlog regarding the release date:

The Mind's Eclipse arrives January 25th!

Awesome! That's great to hear.

We're hoping to wrap everything up for a June release! Fingers crossed! XD

How did you hear about us?

We've changed the release window to June 2017 to accommodate for team member outages and bringing on additional help. Our newest development log can be found here:

Also, Donald was recently featured on a podcast where he talked about the game and its inspiration:

Hey Everyone!

We just posted our latest update on the website. Come check it out here!

The Mind's Eclipse Dev Log

Hi Everyone!

Please be sure to come check out our newest development log and teaser trailer:

And make sure to follow us on twitter as we update most frequently there!

The Mind's Eclipse Team

It's official! We were Greenlit by Valve earlier in the week!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us!

Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for frequent updates!


Seen the trailer? Played the demo? Excited to uncover the mystery of the Eclipse?

Then be sure to head over to Steam Greenlight and give us a vote and a comment:

Any support is helpful!


Hey Guys and Gals,

If you run into any bugs or issues, please let us know here!