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I'm just glad it worked for you! Let me know if you run into any other weirdness, and I hope you enjoy it.

Hey, I can't seem to duplicate this error. Wherever I download the pdf it appears readable. I'm not sure how to fix it, because I can't figure out how to make it happen.

I can send you the pages as images, if that would be helpful? 

…that’s weird. I have no idea what happened, but I’ll figure it out. Give me a couple days, and I’ll get you an actually useable pdf. Weird.

This makes me so happy. All my good wishes.

“My criticism is that this seems to be more of a seed for a series of collaborative writing prompts than a game that can be lost.“

That’s exactly right. This isn’t a game where one’s goal is to win, as in “complete a condition by the time you’re finished playing it.” It’s a collaborative story-telling (well, writing) game. The win condition is that both players are pleased with how the story turns out.

The goal is to creative a cool narrative in the letters. Whether or not Sender or Receiver can be trusted is entirely up to the characters— there aren’t conflicts built in, because the players aren’t in opposition. You’re building the story together.

I’d be glad to help you out, but I don’t quite follow your question. The pdf should be the full rules for play. Can you let me know what difficulties you’re having?

I’d like to add my game When the Messages Began

Oh that's neat! Thanks for the link

Thank you so much for this review. This game is super close to me, for obvious reasons, and it means a lot to hear it spoke to someone else.

And you’ve inspired me to revisit this, now that I’m not a girl either.

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Resistor: High School, Low Life

A game about angry teens with brain computers fighting the System in the San Angeles MegaCity.

Resistor is a near-future cyberpunk game about angry teens with brain computers. A strange mix of corporate spy and punk rock rebel, military-industrial mercenary and social justice advocate, Resistors are children of a new normal. Everyone's already plugged in and turned on. NetSpace has put the worlds in their heads. If they want to change things, they've got to get creative in their rebellion. But if there's anything teens are good at, it's rebelling.

A mechanics-light game, designed for flexible, low-prep play, collaborative world building, and character-driven storytelling, Resistor is centered around classic, tech-laden cyberpunk tropes. Take what you like, throw away the rest. Every rule is made to be broken.

Welcome to the neon grime of the streets of San Angeles. Here it's high school, low life.


I created Resistor because I could never find a cyberpunk game that did what I wanted it to. I love books with extensive worldbuilding done through ephemera, and games that allow you to use or discard as much as you want.

I'm currently play testing Resistor. The Build Sheets (playbooks), and TOS/TOU (move sheets) are complete, the book is fairly close to done. There is a lot of proofreading and little fiddly things to do, but really, I need to see how the rules work in the wild.

I would appreciate and value all notes!