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Btw, this is my second, and I've tried my best to learn over time.

haha, my first jam entry was something I would prefer no one to see :/ It was for the Alakajam, and it was with the theme of ancient ruins.

I've never done a Brackey's game jam, and I'm planning to use Unity to make a game without quiting.

I'm not very good, and even my pygame skills can't make good physics or UI. 

super duper cool:

even better -



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before someone else does it: ""

did ya open the zip with unarchiver?

to unzip it, use an app (on the app store) called "The Unarchiver". then right click on the zip file, and open with the unarchiver. it should work.

drifting on jelly

can i de-game this game?

it's usually an internet error, you may have disconnected from the internet while it was downloading. Download on a reliable internet service. Let me know if it helps. : )

you can't use archive utility to do it. Download The Unarchiver from the app store. Then, before unzipping, right click and click on the unarchiver. It will unzip a app and you can move that into applications folder.


This commonly happens because of pyinstaller, and the way it compiles.

You can also just publish it on Scratch. Then take the "iframe" that comes when you click share. Put that into an html document, and boom, you have a Scratch game on HTML.

You have to carry this heavy burden on top of you, and when you hit something bad the burden on your shoulders increases. With that, the fall speed (gravity speed) increases, and it is hard to move up, left, and right. (I was going to make this, but I quit the jam.)

Nice job!