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Beginner game engines?

A topic by Cat_CentralYT created Feb 28, 2021 Views: 385 Replies: 20
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I need a game engine that's easy to learn in an hour or so, like Scratch but with widescreen support and no file size limit.


It's hard to learn a game engine within an hour, but I recommend Godot.


In one hour? i dont know if their is one....but some of the easiest i hard of are: Stencyl and BuildBox


pls don’t kill me


Python is super easy, so an engine that uses python (like pygame) or that is based on python (like godot) would be easy to learn

GDevelop5 is pretty easy


Construct 2 or 3 is perfect for scratch like programming! 


You could try bitsy.


If you want to stick to simpler stuff, skip the GUI part and go with text-only

GDevelop is good for no coding game engine


I use Construct 3 

If you are fluent in scratch and that is easy for you then I would use a javascript program because they are pretty similar and you can just search up tutorials on how to convert scratch code to javascript

unless you already know how to convert scratch code to javascript

You can also just publish it on Scratch. Then take the "iframe" that comes when you click share. Put that into an html document, and boom, you have a Scratch game on HTML.

Yeah that's what I do lol

If you want to lean a programming language i would recommend Gamemaker studio 1 or 2, there is also a drag and drop feature available in this as well. It's in my opinion the best engine for new beginners, that's how i started.   

How does one acquire gamemaker studio 1?

I’m not sure since have never used it, you could try if not there are numerous downloads online, just be careful where you download it from.

Pygame and pyhton = 2 hours an your ready to create a game



But is hard


I'd say there's practically no game engine you can learn in an hour. However I'd recommend checking out Godot or Pygame. Pygame uses Python and Godot uses GDScript which is based on Python. So instead of trying to cram for this jam, try learning one of the suggestions in this thread for one or two weeks and join the next available Mini Jam then.